Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.1.1 b34 (Free Shopping)
Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.1.1 b34 (Free Shopping)

Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.1.1 b34 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - May 16, 2022
Name Specimen Zero - Online horror
Version 1.1.1 b34
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 155MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Café Studio
Genre ,
Update May 16, 2022 (1 week ago )

Specimen Zero Mod is an entertaining game. However, the game is not for children or the faint of heart. Because this is a horror game, extremely scary. There is gore, murder scenes played out by a terrifying monster. Along with the suspense, drama in the dark space. Where fear is spread throughout the journey. Makes you feel unsafe all the time. Because it can be dangerous at any time. It will even cost your life if you make a mistake. Although it belongs to the entertainment game genre, the game combines adventure and horror elements. Opening up a dark area, with the same environment, the surrounding scenery is reproduced very realistically. That has created a scary scene, with the appearance of a murderous monster.

Download Specimen Zero Mod – Uncover the Mystery to Find a Way Out of the Dark Area

The background of Specimen Zero Mod opens in a dark space. This place could be an old abandoned hospital or a long-time uninhabited experimental area. After waking up in a dark room, what you remember is being kidnapped. Besides, in a mysterious room in this place. A scary scene appeared, a human seemed to have been brought to the operating table for experiments. But it seems the experiment failed, turning the person into a monster. Followed by a lot of scary creatures. They will attack anyone who gets in their way. Now, your life is threatened by monsters. May be in danger at any time, if not quickly get out of here. Use your skills, find ways to get out of the dark area, as quickly as possible.Download Specimen Zero Mod

Gameplay, escape, and survival skills

The open gameplay of Specimen Zero Mod will allow you to move freely. Feel free to explore everything in the dark area without limitation. Here, your mission to find out the mystery. At the same time find a way to escape from this place. Along with that, you will have to run away from monsters. Especially the monster with a human-like shape, with spider legs. They will rush to attack, causing you to lose blood, even lose your life. To be able to escape from this place. First, you need to learn how to survive. By moving gently, without making strong noises. Listen to the sound of moving around to feel the appearance of monsters. Combined with remote observation, as soon as you spot a monster, quickly run away before being targeted by them.Tai Specimen Zero Mod

Use flashlights, guns, and track cameras

During the exploration to find the way out of the dark area. You can use flashlights and weapons as support tools. In the dark space of Specimen Zero Mod uses a flashlight to illuminate. It will help you see things from a long distance. Especially in dark rooms, with limited visibility. Or use collected guns. You can attack monsters to put them in a coma or lose their life. However, the number of bullets is limited, so you need to shoot accurately. Or only use in urgent situations. In addition, the camcorder feature is provided. You can see everything going on in different areas. From there will know where monsters appear, can escape, or find a way to destroy quickly.Game Specimen Zero Mod

Online multiplayer mode

Not alone in the dark space of Specimen Zero Mod. You can join other players. Through online multiplayer mode. Friends can be invited to join them for companionship in the dark area. Uncover the mysteries and find out the appearance of the monsters. As well as fighting to destroy monsters and scary creatures. Find a way out of this place, with a series of creepy dangers. However, to be able to connect with friends or other players. Need to make sure everyone experiences the same version. At the same time, choose the same area in the multiplayer feature.Specimen Zero Mod

Based on the 3D graphics of Specimen Zero Mod. The environment takes place in a dark space. Along with the objects that appear in the rooms. Especially the appearance of monsters and small creatures, very scary. Combines sharp, meticulously polished image quality. Recreate a large area, with scary scenes. Along with the first-person perspective, it will increase the realism. Along with that, the sound is creepy during the playing process. Along with the character’s activities taking place, the sound will be changed accordingly. Help players have a horror experience in a mysterious dark space.

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