Space Shooter Mod APK 1.498 (One Hit, God Mode, Money, Diamonds)

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Overview information
Name Space Shooter
Version 1.498
MOD Features One Hit, God Mode, Money, Diamonds
Size 105MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Arcade
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Publisher ONESOFT

Space Shooter Mod is an entertaining game released by ONESOFT that brings players to space wars, hiding a lot of mysteries. In the style of space combat, the player will control a spaceship equipped with extremely modern heavy weapons. Inspired by fiction films in space, since its launch until now, the game has attracted a lot of people because of its interesting and attractive gameplay. For players to easily access and download for free, currently the game is developed on two platforms: IOS and Android. Especially when you download the Mod version with unlimited money on our page you can upgrade and equip weapons for your spacecraft.

Download Space Shooter Mod – Join the match in space

The scene takes place when the Earth is in peace, people live happily together, the war is over and the countries are researching and developing spaceships to bring to space to explore the mysteries. for a long time of mankind. But unfortunately when the spaceship explores has discovered a fleet of monsters in space, they are plotting to invade and take over the earth as a base. Realizing the imminent danger, you will become a space hero with the galaxy guardian mission that controls the spaceship and fight, destroy monsters to protect humanity.Spache Shooter Mod

Attractive gameplay

Hack Space Shooter takes you to space battles when only you fight without any other ally or alliance. You need to manage and overcome the challenges yourself, besides the alien monster spaceships are very powerful and equipped with a lot of modern weapons, so be careful when they explode. With quite simple gameplay, players just need to use their fingers to control their ship to avoid bullet lines. After a while when the player collects enough upgradable coins and gems, he grows his spaceship to become stronger against enemy ships.

Upgrade spaceships

In addition to destroying enemies easier, players can upgrade firepower and upgrade weapons for their spaceships, helping to deal more damage to enemies. Besides, Space Shooter owns a lot of different spacecraft with modern and much more diverse equipment. Each type of spaceship will have a different shape and color, especially fighting style and firepower will have the difference depending on the amount you spend to unlock. Coins are earned through matches and completing assigned missions, but upgrading spacecraft to the maximum level will cost a lot of money. You should note that no matter how strong your spaceship is, you will not be able to withstand the collision or being hit by enemy bullets if unfortunately too many bullets or collisions with the enemy will cause the spacecraft explosive.Tai Spache Shooter Mod

Diverse game modes

Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack Mod owns more than 200 different levels of play, with each participating mission, players will experience extremely fierce and dramatic battles. To complete a full game screen you will need to confront a boss at the end of the battle, the boss is a large spaceship equipped with fire weapons with extremely large attack power. However, what attracts players to this game is the boss at the end of the game. Besides, there will be a lot of missions you need to complete, sometimes you will need reflexes to avoid the flying bullets of the enemy. In addition, players can participate in online mode to fight with friends, show off their top skills.

Graphics and sound

Space Shooter is designed graphically in 3D with sharp techniques, clear image quality, and has been optimized to suit your mobile device. Besides, the game recreates a fierce match in space, helping players have a realistic look and bring an interesting feeling. The spaceships are equipped with modern weapons and firepower with powerful designs and many colors, the effect when the fire hits the enemy is also very smooth and flexible. Combined with extremely good sound quality through matches will become more attractive than ever, giving players more excitement when participating.Game Spache Shooter Mod

Mod feature of the game Space Shooter

  • V1. Lots of diamonds ready to spend.
  • V2 One hit; God mode

Download Space Shooter Mod to become a space hero controlling a spaceship equipped with the most modern weapons and firepower. Participate in space battles with the goal of defeating all alien monsters that are intending to invade the earth, and experience fierce dramatic battles. Especially when downloading the Mod version of the game Spache Shooter, players will experience the limitless feature of money, then you can unlock the spaceships you love and upgrade them to the maximum level.

Space Shooter Mod APK 1.498 (One Hit, God Mode, Money, Diamonds)
Mod: V1. Lots of diamonds ready to spend. V2 One hit; God mode NOTE: -Use mod = can't play PvP.



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most modern weapons and firepower is good point about it

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