Solitaire Arcana MOD APK 1.2.38 (Unlimited Money)
Solitaire Arcana MOD APK 1.2.38 (Unlimited Money)

Solitaire Arcana MOD APK 1.2.38 (Unlimited Money)

By pew999 - August 3, 2022
Name Solitaire Arcana
Version 1.2.38
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 109.1 MB
Requires Android 9+
Category Casual, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Genre ,
Update August 3, 2022 (1 week ago )
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Solitaire Arcana MOD is a card game combining puzzles, built and developed by the experienced team HeroCraft Ltd. Was a very hot game at the time of launch. Currently, it has reached more than 1 million downloads on platforms, showing how hot this game is.

Overview of the game Solitaire Arcana MOD

Solitaire Arcana MOD

Solitaire Arcana MOD is a fun and very entertaining casual puzzle game. This game has a lot of solitaire challenges. You can, demonstrate your knowledge accumulate rich experience, and pass many levels.

Fight through the stages, and participate in many adventures to conquer different puzzles. There are many challenge modes for you to choose from. What’s more special is winning levels to collect arcanum cards. Collect all the cards and win the game.

Details about the fun game Solitaire Arcana MOD

Gameplay Introduction

In the game, you will have access to the game screen including the sequence of cards. Swap the cards to correct the rules to pass. To get more new cards unlock our chapters. It takes great thinking and judgment ability for players to pass the levels. Moreover, this game also trains IQ by linking strings to solve puzzles. This is a more fun game, and it’s also very easy to use, suitable for all ages.

How to play

This game is relatively simple and fun, in the process of playing the game I have also acquired certain knowledge and experience. Apply certain rules, put them in the correct order, and complete more tasks. The game scene is very rich, mature thinking and judgment are correct and there is no mistake.


Come to the game Solitaire Arcana MOD without an internet connection. So you can play the game offline anywhere you want without worrying about anything else.

Fascinating and not boring

There are hundreds of Solitaire levels that are ascending and full of mystical puzzles. With so many levels, gamers always want to pass and conquer all levels. Support unlock all in the new Tarot world and enjoy the modes here. Get tons of freebies and bonuses for playing this classic Solitaire Arcana game for free.

Download Solitaire Arcana MOD game now to your mobile device

Download good games for free quickly only at the LMHMOD website. Coming to LMHMOD always brings satisfaction to users.

The detailed steps to download the Solitaire Arcana MOD game are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on the website LMHMOD select in the search bar and then type the game name Solitaire Arcana
  • Step 2: Select the download link for the iOS/Android operating system and click download now
  • Step 3: Select the Solitaire Arcana MOD APK file you had just downloaded and installed the game.
  • Step 4: Open the game immediately and break through the puzzles of the levels, collect the ultimate cards right away.

People can download some other interesting games at LMHMOD as follows: Magic Fluids, DRAGON QUEST III, Supertype, etc.

Frequently asked questions when playing Solitaire Arcana MOD

Is this game online or offline?

This is an offline and extremely fun puzzle game.

Is this game suitable for my device?

This game is offline and suitable for the vast majority of mobile devices.

In Solitaire Arcana, is it possible to place any card in an open spot?
Instead of using cards of different colours in ascending order, the tableau is constructed using cards of the same suit. Any card may be used to fill the void left by an empty pile.

In Solitaire Arcana MOD, can you move cards from one pile to another?

Cards can only be moved while adhering to the specific solitaire rules from one pile to another. You could place a 6 over a 7, or a Queen over a King, for example. Cards must be arranged by players in alternating colour groups. For instance, the other card must be black if the one above is red.

How many times can you play Solitaire’s stockpile?

Depending on how the Draw 3 option is set, you can go through the stockpile as many times as you like, turning over either one or three cards at a time. To run through the stockpile a second and subsequent times, tap the empty stock pile.

Download Solitaire Arcana MOD APK for iOS/Android now

You are a puzzle enthusiast, looking for a fun and entertaining game. Come to Solitaire Arcana MOD  where you will have moments of relaxation and great intellectual training!

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