Solar Smash Mod APK 1.8 (Planets Unlocked)
Solar Smash Mod APK 1.8 (Planets Unlocked)

Solar Smash Mod APK 1.8 (Planets Unlocked)

By CMB - May 31, 2022
Name Solar Smash
Version 1.8
MOD Features No Ads
Size 120MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Paradyme Games
Genre ,
Update May 31, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Solar Smash Mod is a simulation game, simulating the apocalypse of the earth falling into a black hole of death. Your mission when participating in this gameplay is to save the world from this threat. Using modern weapons, attack and destroy all other dangerous planets around the earth. Each time you successfully destroy you will receive a reward from the system.

Use that money to buy more powerful, better quality weapons. Many other universes, planets, galaxies surround the earth. We cannot know for sure when these planets will hit the world. The danger is always near, threatening every day. Quickly plan, find a way to destroy them all. Putting the world out of danger is also protecting your life. When destroying a certain planet, it is possible to affect the remaining planets. This will lead to a higher rate of Earth falling into a black hole. Therefore, it is necessary to have a careful calculation, not to take risks.

Download Solar Smash Mod – Explore the vast galaxy, destroy the black hole of death

Solar Smash Mod provides players with a variety of weapons. Each type will have separate use and function. If you do not know how to use it, it will affect other planets. You will have to accept bitter defeat. Earth will immediately be sucked into the black hole of death. The distance from where you stand to other planets can be easily customized.

Please change to suit the attack best. Avoid close contact with flying debris. On the first screen, the system will guide you in detail on how to use weapons, each stage to destroy a planet. After just a few tutorials, I believe you will grasp how to play, the features in the fastest way. At the end of each game screen, the system will have extremely attractive stories. To talk about how you overcame the challenge.

Solar Smash mod apk

Huge arsenal

The weapons used in Solar Smash Mod all have terrible attack power and destructive ability. Some typical types must be mentioned such as Missiles, nuclear bombs, extremely powerful laser guns, etc… Shooting 1 shot that can destroy half the planet is normal. However, you need to be calculated, so that the broken pieces after being destroyed will fly and collide with the earth. Learn about the information, features, and destructive power of each type before starting the battle.

Choose the right weapon to be able to destroy other planets more easily. All weapons are displayed on the screen. Usage is extremely simple, you just need to click on the type you want to use. Then aim accurately at the planet to be destroyed. Automatically the system will shoot at it in the most accurate way.

Solar Smash mod game

The hope of the Earth

In the world right now everyone is expecting and expecting very high expectations from you. No one else but you has the power to save the earth from this doomsday danger. So, try your best, do your best, don’t let people down. And it is also protecting your own life. As the representative of the earth standing up to fight other planets.

You have the right to command people to make and provide the necessary weapons and items. To successfully destroy the black hole of death. Planets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Be very calm, calculate meticulously, minimize the risk of affecting the earth. Of course, it is not possible to guarantee 100% success. But try to win as high as you can.

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Graphics and sound

Solar Smash Mod realistically simulates the world being threatened by other planets. The risk of being sucked into a death black hole is very high. To create this, it is impossible not to mention the success of the graphic element in the game. The earth is shown full of energy, life. Along with the appearance of strange planets that we probably have never seen before.

When playing the game, the sound effects when using weapons to attack, destroy the black hole of death. Make players feel excited, want to quickly destroy them all.

Solar Smash mod apk tai

Fly into the vast universe, discover new planets. This will be a very unique and interesting experience. However, your main task is not so simple. Your role and importance are immense. Concerning safety, the existence of all mankind.

So try your best to get the earth out of the black hole of death. In addition to the destruction, you can also find ways for other planets to crash into each other. This will save you more effort.

Download Solar Smash Mod to ensure the safety of everyone in the world.

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