Snapple Apk
Snapple Apk

Snapple Apk

By trangha94 - August 9, 2022
Name Snapple
MOD Features N/A
Size 41.94MB
Requires Android 8.0
Category Games, Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher Ocean Joy
Genre ,
Update August 9, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Snapple is a game that is usually extremely attractive for everyone. Thus, it has won hundreds of thousands of downloads on online app purchase sites. So what kind of game is Snapple? Explore the details in this article.

Introduction to the game Snapple

Introduction to the game Snapple

Game has a plot about a small snake with big round eyes and a juicy apple. These are the two main characters of the game. Your job is to direct the snake to eat the apple so that it can grow a bit, go to the black hole, then go back to its home.

How to play in Snapple

How to play in Snapple

Use the arrow keys to control the snake, then pop the solid wall. Remember to keep your snake close to the walls. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling and failing.

If your snake eats the apple right away, it will live even longer. Try to collect every apple on each level. At the same time, you need to avoid collisions or getting caught in traps. And finally reach the vacation destination.

Key features included in Snapple

The game has a number of features that attract players to participate such as:

The game has a simple way to participate, easy to grasp the rules

The game has a simple way to participate, easy to grasp the rules

In essence, game is based on the recently popular Apple Worm worm game. The game is quite easy to play: You maneuver the worm carefully around the surrounding walls using the arrow keys. Remember that if your snake completely leaves the wall, the level will be over.

Help the snake pass the levels, don’t get stuck

By using unique move features. You can guide the snake through the levels. At the same time, go through the gap while eating the apple. From there, to reach your goal without getting stuck.

Uncover the many mysteries built into the game

With Snapple, the game contains many interesting mysteries. Thereby, helping you discover and train the best concentration and brain.

Each level is a fun challenge

Snapple has a lot of different levels. Each level is a different, interesting challenge. From there, bring you more interesting and unique experiences.

How to control the game is not difficult

Snapple is considered a game with not difficult control at all. All you need to do in the game is: Control the arrow for the most accurate. This is too easy for anyone to do

Increase creativity, train brain

For young children, Snapple also helps them increase their creativity and best thinking. From there, making the children become more sensitive and intelligent

Some questions about the game Snapple

Some questions about the game Snapple

1. Snapple is the right game for whom?

Game is rated as a game suitable for everyone. In particular, it is suitable for children to participate.

2. Is game allowed to play for free?

Snapple allows you to join the game completely free. So try to join the game as quickly as possible.

3. What platforms can play on?

Game can be played on all different phone platforms. For example Android, IOS

Download Snapple for Android, IOS

To participate in the game best and most effectively, download Snapple to your phone via the lmk that has placed under this article. In addition, some games similar to Snapple content that you can refer to are: Worms , ,…

Thus, all the news about Snapple has been updated in this post. Please refer carefully to play well and succeed.

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