Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK 0.18.0_(194411) (Menu, FLY, ENERGY)
Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK 0.18.0_(194411) (Menu, FLY, ENERGY)

Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK 0.18.0_(194411) (Menu, FLY, ENERGY)

By CMB - June 29, 2022
Name Sky: Children of the Light
Version 0.18.0_(194411)
MOD Features Menu, FLY, ENERGY
Size 1.1GB
Requires Android 8.0+
Category Role Playing, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher thatgamecompany inc
Genre ,
Update June 29, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Sky Children of the Light Mod is published by game creator thatgamecompany inc. At the beginning of the game, you will play the role of a soldier named Sky with a very big and important destiny. The special thing about this character is that he is the son of the god of light. Coming from the kingdom of the sky in a new world where people call it heaven.

Sky’s mission is to find and collect lost stars to light up the blue sky. The sky is equipped with a cloak that functions as a wing. Help the character to freely fly in the sky easily. The journey to find the lost stars will go through 6 different locations. Each place will have 1 challenge, the number of stars for you to collect.

Here you will meet many special creatures, most of all very friendly, harmless. Besides that, Players can also chat with the spirits of the people who used to live here. The gods will show you the fastest way to find the stars.

Download Sky: Children of the Light Mod – The journey to find the stars to light up the sky

Start the journey. Sky: Children of the Light Mod assigns the first important task to the player to find 6 gods. After you have found enough, the system will lead you to the final destination. It has extremely harsh environmental conditions. The strong winds and tornadoes seemed to blow away the little Sky warrior. Must be very resilient, every move must be calculated so as not to collide with obstacles on the way.

Here you will find other beings. That is the teammate that will accompany you on the road ahead. Break the rock and fly out, bringing the stars back to the sky. Dispel that dark, gloomy space. Bring the lost souls back to their rightful place. Thus your mission is completed. The system will open a new game screen for you to continue the journey to conquer.

Sky Children of the Light mod

Attractive gameplay

Sky: Children of the Light Mod has extremely attractive adventure-style gameplay. Players always have a sense of curiosity, wanting to discover the mysteries behind them. Carry on an important destiny with the kingdom of the stars. The force of darkness is gradually invading the whole sky. You need to quickly find the lost stars and souls in many different locations.

The forces of darkness know that you are looking for light in the sky, so they sent an army to cause difficulties and obstacles. With your angel wings, control the sky to fly skillfully, dodging attacks from the enemy. They create storms, tornadoes, flying leaves, fallen trees, etc. Highly focused, observe carefully, and handle all situations in a rhythmic manner.

Game Sky Children of the Light mod

6 levels of predecessors

The 6 progenitors correspond to 6 different constellations in the sky. There is no detailed information about these gods. But we can easily see one thing that. Each predecessor will play a very important role to create the kingdom in the clouds. Without one of them, it would be impossible to have a complete kingdom. Elder, harvester, smith, king, guardian, twins are the 6 gods I’m talking about.

The battle between light and darkness is fierce. On the peninsula of dawn, you will see pictures with information related to the birth of the kingdom. It is also the only source of information to help you find the forefathers to bring light back into the universe.

Sky Children of the Light mod hack

Controlling the child of the sun god

The control of the little creature is quite simple, the operation is extremely easy. On the right side of the screen is the navigation key to move on the ground as well as fly in the sky. You can control the sky to rotate 360 ​​degrees, wriggle through small slits, dodge extremely magical obstacles. If you want to fly, click on the bird’s wing icon. The sky will spread its wings and fly into the sky.

If you want to land, there are also 2 ways for you to choose. Click on the foot icon and the creature will automatically land at lightning speed. If you want to get down to your desired position, you can control your character to slow down, slowly land safely.

Sky Children of the Light mod apk

Download Sky Children of the Light Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

Sky: Children of the Light opens an adventure journey on an extremely attractive and interesting light peninsula. Let players freely explore, search for lost constellations. On this journey, you will face many dangers, many enemies from the forces of darkness.

Be careful, slowly experience, explore everything. Download Sky: Children of the Light Mod the best adventure and puzzle game for android.

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