Sim Hospital Buildit Mod APK 2.2.8 (Unlimited Money)
Sim Hospital Buildit Mod APK 2.2.8 (Unlimited Money)

Sim Hospital Buildit Mod APK 2.2.8 (Unlimited Money)

By CMB - January 1, 2022
Name Sim Hospital Buildit
Version 2.2.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 64MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher JoyMore GAME
Update January 1, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Sim Hospital Buildit gives players the experience of becoming a doctor managing a large hospital. Is a simulation game published by JoyMore GAME? Gameplay is invested, focused on developing quite a lot of image quality. The graphics are more advanced than all the games of the same genre. Idle gameplay, you will have a lot of free time to do other things. Your task is to manage all activities, run the hospital stably and develop. Continuously improve service quality. Serve patients wholeheartedly so that they feel satisfied when they come to your hospital. Every time they leave, they will leave a review about the quality of the service. That is also the answer they will return to the hospital again. When the number of patients coming to the clinic is too large. Please unlock more new doctors. Choosing a doctor is very important.

Download Sim Hospital Buildit Mod – Grow your hospital

When you first enter the game Assistant will have a screen to welcome you to the hospital. Sim Hospital Buildit Mod has a rather lethargic and attractive plot. The former manager of this hospital is retired and wants to transfer this valuable property to you. Accompanying the player will be a female nurse on duty as a logistics assistant and secretary to support you in your work. The gameplay uses 2 main currencies: Dollars and diamonds. You can use $ to buy high-quality, high-tech equipment. Or you can also unlock new doctors to improve the hospital’s operating capacity. Every time there are many patients, they will have to wait a long time leading to inhibition, discomfort, dissatisfaction with the quality of service. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the number of doctors in the hospital so that all activities are not delayed or blocked.

sim hospital buildit mod apk

Run a large hospital

All operating rights are under your control. Large and small jobs in the hospital need your permission to be allowed to perform. Form a working team to support you in the operation and development of your hospital. Expanding the parking lot helps you earn more money every time someone comes to see a doctor. Branding is very important. You and your team need a specific advertising and marketing strategy. Attract more people to your hospital to boost sales, bring in more profits. Meanwhile, the publisher also allows players to research and create new drugs and products. However, this needs to be done according to the formula provided by the system. If you follow the wrong procedure, the medicine may be different from its intended use.

game sim hospital buildit mod

Very realistic simulation game

Sim Hospital Buildit Mod simulates an extremely realistic hospital, all activities take place exactly like reality. Anyone who comes to the doctor must go through the following steps:

Step 1: Leave the car in the garage reserved for cars or motorbikes.

Step 2: Come to the service selection desk so that the staff can give advice and guidance.

Step 3: Hold a piece of paper with information directing you to which counter to see a doctor. If you need to get medicine, it is very easy to get a prescription from the doctor and go to the pharmacy to buy it.

Step 4: Evaluate service quality before leaving.

Those are the procedural steps that every person who comes to the doctor will have to follow the correct process. Arrange and design waiting rows to be placed in front of the doors of the medical examination rooms and departments. So that when the number of patients is too large to be examined at the same time, they can wait outside. Do everything to make your hospital grow better.

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Improve service quality, professional quality to help satisfy everyone who comes to your hospital. Change to grow stronger. In the main interface when playing, you will see the pharmacy section. Click on that item the screen will display the parameters for you to upgrade including Upgrade pharmacy, Hyre employee, and finally pharmacist. These 3 parameters translated into Vietnamese will mean Upgrade medicine, doctor, and price, respectively. When you have enough $, upgrade everything. To improve the quality of the day. The more people who come for medical examinations, the higher the revenue.

game sim hospital buildit mod apk

If you are interested in managing, leading a team in the medical field. Then Sim Hospital Buildit is truly a great experience not to be missed. Greatness comes from doctors. The design is quite detailed and meticulous, the image quality of the game deserves a 10 point. To be able to develop a stronger hospital, the player needs a smart strategy and a good vision. Create good programs, attract people to visit the doctor, buy more medicine.

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