Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod APK 1.17.01 (Unlocked Skins)
Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod APK 1.17.01 (Unlocked Skins)

Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod APK 1.17.01 (Unlocked Skins)

By CBCC - May 10, 2022
Name Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us
Version 1.17.01
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Size 102MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher SuperGaming
Update May 10, 2022 (4 months ago )
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Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod is one of the online games of the developer SuperGaming. The game also has another name, which is Devil Amongst Us. This is a multiplayer action game. Brings you to exciting games with up to 12 participants. The game’s setting opens in a haunted house or prison. With extensive gameplay, you can freely move and do missions. Here, you can customize the character according to your own style. Along with a lot of interesting game modes for you to participate in. Each mode is designed with its own gameplay, rules, and content, which you need to adhere to. Complete missions and compete with other players to become the winner. From there will receive many attractive rewards.

Download Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod – Evil And Silly Game In Many Interesting Themes

Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod’s graphics are designed on an impressive 3D platform. In particular, the character creation is extremely unique, with many different styles. In each game mode, you can play the role of a devil, a fool, or become a policeman, a robber. With a 3D environment, same sharp image quality. Recreate a virtual reality space for you to explore. Combined with the flexible movement of the characters throughout the game. Along with the scene inside the house or prison is designed very realistically. In addition, the sound of the game is also very impressive. Shown through the footsteps of each character throughout the game. Promises to bring you an exciting adventure.Silly World Mod

Diverse game mode system

Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod provides players with 3 main game modes. Includes police and robber mode, hide and seek mode, and murder mystery mode. Currently, the newly updated game adds a new model, which is Squid Royale. Here, you can experience more new games such as red light, tug of war, and Dalgona Cookie. Each game mode will bring you to exciting games. With interesting themes unfolding in each game mode. Besides, the game also allows you to use the Spectate feature to be able to track your friends in the process of playing. As a spectator, you can keep an eye on what’s going on. Can know the location of each person on the map. What’s more, you can even set up your own match. You can invite friends in the previously added friends list to join.Download Silly World Mod

Jail Break Mode

Come to the Jail Break mode of the Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod game. With the scene unfolding in a large prison. The participating characters will be randomly selected by the system to become a policeman or a robber. As a police officer, your mission is to arrest all robbers before they escape from the prison. On the contrary, if you are a robber, you will have to find a way to escape from prison. Move smart to avoid the pursuit of the police. Can coordinate with accomplices, escape together. If unlucky enough for the police to catch, the robbers will be beaten. If the police let the robbers escape. Or robbers caught by the police. The game is considered over and you will have to start over. This means that the mission cannot be completed.Game Silly World Mod

Murder mystery mode

Join the murder mystery mode of the game Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod. All players will enter a haunted house. The system will randomly select some people who will turn into demons. The remaining characters will have to find a way to escape from the house. By looking for locations with blue circle icons to perform tasks. Solve random questions, like a jigsaw puzzle or solve a murder mystery. Complete the questions from the blue circle icons. At the same time move smartly to escape the pursuit of the demons. From there will be the winner. In contrast, the players were transforming into demons. If you can’t catch the other players, let them complete the quest and escape the house. Will not be able to complete the mission.Tai Silly World Mod

Enter Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us Mod is hide and seek mode. You will enjoy the feeling of childhood with the exciting hide and seek game. In the role of a silly character, you will have to find a hiding place to stay undetected. Observe and choose the most hidden location, successfully escape the search of the devil. Make sure the devil can’t detect your location. Or become a demon on a quest to find other players. Capture all those who are hiding to complete the mission. No matter what role you play. You need to have a smart calculation. Get the best results to continue to the next games.

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