Shining Beyond Mod APK 1.0.28 (Menu/Damage multiplier, defense)

By CMB - September 21, 2021
Shining Beyond Mod APK 1.0.28 (Menu/Damage multiplier, defense)
Name Shining Beyond
Version 1.0.25
MOD Features Menu/Damage multiplier, defense
Size 95MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher XII Braves PTE LTD
Update September 21, 2021 (1 week ago )

Shining Beyond is set in a fantasy world. This place is being invaded by the forces of darkness, causing people’s lives to fall into chaos and misery. Join the gameplay, the player plays a warrior with extraordinary strength. Accomplish your noble mission with your comrades. It is to destroy the enemy, save the world from the danger of destruction. The forces of darkness have always been a threat to all mankind. They possess an unbelievably terrifying source of power. And will carry out evil plots on earth. One who possesses the power given to him by the gods. You need to take action to prevent those evil purposes from being successfully carried out by the enemy. Gather your talented teammates. Unite, join forces to move towards the enemy, beat them to pieces, and run away in fear. To do that, Players must practice regularly with teammates. Will improve combat skills and coordinate with each other in a rhythmic and coordinated way. Have the opportunity to become a team of invincible warriors in history.

Download Shining Beyond Mod – Prevent the evil conspiracy of the forces of darkness

Shining Beyond Mod has a new fighting style, so it attracts extremely gamers. Players will be participating in tough, fierce battles. Between one side is a powerful force and the other side is a small but not weak person at all. That’s still not enough for humans to win easily. Players will have to agree with their teammates on tactics and quick tips. To increase attack speed, drain the enemy’s HP. Each member of the team will have a unique ability and strength. Make the squad more diverse. As a captain, players need to fully exploit and maximize the strength of each member. Make completing challenges and tasks simple and fast. On the screen, there will be skill boxes of each character, you can use. When they are launched, they will have higher damage. Try to destroy as many enemies to gain points and receive attractive rewards.

Shining Beyond mod

Character system

Shining Beyond Mod has a diverse character system. Players can choose the most talented warriors on their team. They are all brave people and have their own strengths. So you will probably have difficulty with this selection. But rest assured, because all the detailed information of each character is updated by the system every day. Players will choose for themselves talented characters. And supplement the strengths that your team is lacking. In addition, you will be provided with a series of attractive skins and solid armor sets. It will make the team stand out more. And attracting the attention of the enemy makes it easier to destroy them.

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Perform mission

In Shining Beyond Mod, there are many difficult tasks and challenges. Players need to complete all to be able to go further. You can choose your own game mode such as Campaign, dungeon. Each type has certain difficulty levels. No matter what mode you play in, you need to overcome challenges. When completed, you will receive a well-deserved reward. At the same time, the character’s basic skills and body stats will also be increased. Helps you to complete missions in more difficult game levels. Conquer all levels of play, the strength of the whole team will be maximized. Capable of confronting that terrible boss. Try your best, take advantage of the opportunity to destroy him as quickly as possible. Victory belongs to you and your teammates.

Shining Beyond game mod

PvP Battles

Shining Beyond Mod also has PvP mode. Takedown world-class bosses with your teammates. The whole team will receive a huge amount of bonuses. Not only that but also reached the top 1 of the rankings. The position of many gamers dream. Players will have the opportunity to show their talent and strength. And learn a lot of combat experience from the world’s top gamers. To be able to enjoy the feeling of standing on such a glorious platform. You and your teammates had to try and make a lot of effort. Overcoming the dangers even had a near-death moment. But the desire to be the winner and the valuable rewards is the motivation for them to complete the task.

Shining Beyond mod apk

Various 3D graphics and sounds

Shining Beyond Mod is highly appreciated in graphic design. Because games of the same genre are not available. 3D graphics configuration makes everything in the game more realistic. Moreover, it has been optimized by the publisher, so it is suitable for even low-profile phones. Characters have a very unique anime style. Will attract more players, especially fans of anime. Diverse, lifelike sound. Exciting background music will stimulate players to want to experience it immediately. The details and images are constructed with care and enthusiasm. Realistic simulation of the chaotic scene of the world.

Shining Beyond transports players to a world that would only exist in fantasy. Which is now simulated realistically in a game world. Bringing interesting experiences and relaxing moments for you. In particular, players have the opportunity to show their fighting ability and satisfy their taste for adventure. Download Shining Beyond Mod to fight for the peaceful life of mankind and destroy the evil conspiracy of the forces of darkness.

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