Shadowverse CCG Mod APK 3.7.10 (Menu/Onehit, Menu/Onehit, Disable Enemies)
Shadowverse CCG Mod APK 3.7.10 (Menu/Onehit, Menu/Onehit, Disable Enemies)

Shadowverse CCG Mod APK 3.7.10 (Menu/Onehit, Menu/Onehit, Disable Enemies)

By thetoan - April 28, 2022
Name Shadowverse CCG
Version 3.7.10
MOD Features Menu/Onehit, Disable Enemies
Size 57M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Cygames, Inc.
Update April 28, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Shadowverse CCG Mod is Japan’s #1 turn-based card game for the mobile version. It offers exciting card battles for you to face against online players. It’s easy in gameplay but difficult in strategy. You need to practice a lot to try many different decks of cards, from which to gain experience. Cards have many classes, many characters with different skills. Gamers need to understand the function and role of each card to use in situations on the battlefield. Attack or defend or skip turns, it’s up to you. Each side will have their own turns and need to optimize efficiency in each turn if they want to win overwhelmingly. Many talented players are always ready to connect with you in the upcoming matches. How about you? Choose your favorite cards and prove your strategic play to defeat them now.

Download Shadowverse CCG Mod – Classic card gameplay

Shadowverse CCG is one of the best games in the card genre. It has attracted millions of players to participate on many platforms, especially mobile. So what’s so special about it? This game will make you enjoy the classic card game that requires high intelligence and strategy. Moreover, it integrates many modes for single-player or multiplayer and promotion. The rankings are always bustling with fierce competition between many opponents. So, play not only for fun but also to demonstrate your talent. In addition, this game also has quite attractive graphics with anime style. Good images, vivid effects, game context is also quite diverse. It can be said that it is perfect both inside and out.


Master the battlefield with strategic cards

The gameplay of Shadowverse CCG is also quite simple, similar to most regular card games. First, you will choose a command card to start the battle, then summon different cards during your turn to respond to the opponent’s cards. The match begins after deciding the order of each player’s turn by random. Who goes first sometimes doesn’t matter, because each person will have enough turns for themselves. The two opponents are usually randomly arranged based on level. That is, at what level you can play with people at that level a bit better. So the fairness of the game is undisputed, everyone feels comfortable playing.

You will have your own cards, including 8 main classes. In it, there will be cards used for attack, cards used for defense. In addition, there will be more than 2000 extra cards to help with combat. Players need to use them appropriately in each situation, based on the opponent’s cards. Just click to select a card, then drag to place it on the battlefield and see its effect. If the card loses each turn, you will deduct a certain number of points. Until one side loses all of its points, the game will end and victory is determined.


Multiple modes to play

Currently, Shadowverse CCG Mod has three main game modes. First, it’s the Story Mode, which allows gamers to follow the game’s storyline to complete missions and earn rewards. Next, in Compete mode, you will be randomly matched with an opponent to fight and compete on the global leaderboard. And finally, in Private mode, you can play with any specific player. This is the mode for exciting competitions with your friends.

Regardless of the mode, the card gameplay remains the same. You also need to use your experience and wisdom to defeat the opponent. But the reward in each mode will be different. More challenges, more rewards, and Compete mode also has more promotion points. But each model has its own interesting point. If you’re more interested in exploration than the competition, jump right into Story mode. On the contrary, if you love to compete, invite your friends to join or play with other online opponents.


Beautiful anime graphics and vivid effects

The attraction of Shadowverse CCG is not only in the gameplay but also in the graphic style. It is designed in a unique anime style combined with many vivid combat effects. The character image on each card is very beautiful. In addition, there are realistic 2D cutscenes to depict skill effects. The battlefield context is also quite diverse, allowing gamers to innovate their experience. As for the sound, the game has built-in background music and voiceovers. In general, everything is quite okay to play on the phone smoothly.

Those who want to revisit the memories with the classic card game series should try Shadowverse CCG Mod. It has a very rich collection of cards with many different genres, classes, and effects. In addition, it also has many modes to choose from, to suit the preferences of many gamers. So it would be great to immerse yourself there on the ancient battlefield with your cards and comrades.

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