Shadow Knight Mod APK 1.22.65 (Menu, Immortal, High Damage)
Shadow Knight Mod APK 1.22.65 (Menu, Immortal, High Damage)

Shadow Knight Mod APK 1.22.65 (Menu, Immortal, High Damage)

By LMH - July 15, 2022
Name Shadow Knight
Version 1.22.65
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, High Damage
Size 151MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Fansipan
Genre ,
Update July 15, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Shadow Knight Mod is a predecessor, but the game retains the same gameplay as before, an RPG combined with adventure, players will experience new features with attractive graphics. The game has attracted a large number of participants since its launch, bringing a new style combined with interesting characters that made the name of this game.

Inspired by the attractive story, publisher Fansipan and the research and development team created this game with enough action to satisfy players. With the content quite similar to League of Stickman, the great battle, the gameplay promises to create the highest level of gameplay for you.

Download Shadow Knight Mod – Fight To Destroy Dark Forces

The story revolves around the dark warrior in his fairyland called Harmonia, home to many different races, including Humans, Beast Man, Orcs, … though different in the race. But everyone had a desire to live in a peaceful world without war, each with its own separate territory. Sometimes extreme silence is the lever for war to emerge.

Peace was not maintained until one day, agreed rose up, and races began to invade each other’s territory, creating a tragedy with unprecedented bloody wars. Everything is in darkness, you – who will become a warrior of darkness and restore order and peace of the land of Harmonia. With a heavy burden on his shoulders,Game Shadow Knight Mod

Attractive gameplay

The match in Shadow Knight Mod is so intense that you only have 2 ways to choose: first, defeat your opponent and win victory for your own glory, second become a sandbag for the opponent to practice. take it down and make it entertaining for pleasure. How to play Shadow Knight Mod is very interesting when players will have to use the skills to control the character to fight the opponent, with a sharp interface, the player will experience the gameplay method on the mobile screen.

Besides, on the left side of the screen is used to move left, right, up, down and the right side of the screen will be the character’s skills. In addition, there will be 2 separate skills that when players reach levels 5 and 20 will unlock, use the skills they learned to create interesting matches.

Complete mission

In the beginning, Shadow Knight Mod will guide you in detail on the gameplay and interesting features, the game is also easier to help players get acquainted and understand how to play. The game will increase the difficulty gradually after the tasks you complete, gradually players will have to learn to combine skills and move keys to create a separate skill set that makes the opponent terrified.

The battle will become more dramatic when near the end, then you will have to face a giant boss with great power, then use all the skills you have to destroy the enemy. . After returning victorious, players who have completed that level will receive valuable rewards such as money, gems, and energy. Besides, there will be a list of more than 100 achievements for you to explore and achieve that title. Anger of Stick 5 also has extremely powerful fighting missions.

Shadow Knight Mod

Includes 4 characters

There won’t be many characters for you to choose from instead Shadow Knight Mod will have 4 characters including:

  • Noah: The warrior wields a sword with very high critical damage
  • Ashley: Warrior uses guns with the advantage of creating huge damage at long range
  • Lucius: As an assassin with a knife in his hand, he can finish off opponents in the blink of an eye.
  • Hector: With his large body he can create punches with very strong power

Each character possesses different skills, depending on how you play, you can choose a character that is right for you to fight the dark forces.

Character upgrade

To destroy a mighty dark force is still not enough for a warrior. Hack Shadow Knight allows players to bring 2 characters in battle so that they can change and improvise the unexpected challenges of each gate. In addition, players can upgrade their character through battles and collect monster soul pieces. Besides, the game can upgrade its skillset to the level of the character. For example, if your character is level 20, you can upgrade your skills to equal level 20.Tai Shadow Knight Mod

Rare equipment

Weapons, costumes, and helmets act as powerful assistants to help you create high damage and good defense, Shadow Knight Mod has been divided into 6 categories in order of increasing strength: white is normal, color Green is rare, blue is a masterpiece, purple is unique, yellow is the district of legend, and orange is the ancient capital. To own them, players can earn from opening their own or through matches, in addition to using strengthening stones or unused costumes, weapons to upgrade.

2D graphic design

With 2D Shadow Knight’s graphic design, it is shown with dark and dark colors as the name suggests. The context in the dark forests has created a sense of excitement and curiosity for the game. The developer has been very successful in bringing the soul into the game thanks to the meticulous effect, faint smoke. Along with the vivid sound, players can feel through fierce battles.

When downloading the Mod version at LMHMOD of the Immortal game / Reducing Cooldown, players will experience the invulnerability feature and reduced cooldown, then in the match, you will not have to fear the dark monsters haunted and can use skills continuously. Entertaining games will help players have relaxing moments after a long hard working day, with interesting things waiting for you to download and experience. Sometimes the player will feel like looking at the shadow of a fighting character.

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