Scream Go Hero APK 3.0.0
Scream Go Hero APK 3.0.0

Scream Go Hero APK 3.0.0

By thetoan - January 12, 2022
Name Scream Go Hero
Version 3.0.0
Size 31M
Requires Android 4.1
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher Ketchapp
Update January 12, 2022 (5 days ago )

Scream Go Hero Mod will be an indispensable spiritual food for many gamers from now on. It is one of the most creative and fun gameplay that we present to you. Have you ever thought of playing games with screams? Yes, that’s what we mean about this game. You will scream to help your character pass through different wooden blocks. Scream loudly depending on the situation and as long as you go as far as possible. Overall, the interesting game has gameplay quite similar to Flappy Bird, but instead of touching the screen to play, you will use your scream. Is that enough to make you curious and excited about it? If yes, let’s find out what’s new in this game and how it is packed with special features.

Download Scream Go Hero Mod – Extremely creative gameplay

If you are bored with the games that use virtual manipulation on the screen to control the character, then Scream Go Hero will definitely bring you a surprise right from the first time you enjoy it. This game allows the player to control the character through his voice, in other words, you will have to use the sound coming from his mouth to help the character move forward as far as possible. Get the highest score in each level. Overall, the gameplay of this game reminds us of Don’t Stop! Eighth Note – the game that stormed the game market not long ago. If you really like that, download Scream Go Hero at this article to experience it right away.


Use sound to win

Your main task in this game is to lead the hero through all the dangers along the way and to the end of each level using the sound coming from his own mouth. Except for the retry and resurrect button, you won’t need to touch any other controls during the experience. Very easy to play, right?

Scream Go Hero also offers Endless Mode where you need to extend your journey as long as possible. Remember that this is not a game for you to play stealthily during class, work, or other quiet places because the game is very noisy. Remember that during the game experience, you will inevitably face a series of difficult situations and obstacles. Their difficulty increases exponentially the further you go into the game. Therefore, focus all your energy to join the character to conquer all challenges in this fascinating game.


Some notes to be able to win

Remember that the louder the sound, the higher your character will jump, and the further away, the faster it will travel. The sound factor is the key to success in this game, so you have to adjust the volume to best suit each situation you encounter. In this noisy game, some obstacles require you to scream loudly to jump over, while in many other situations you just need to whisper. Are you ready to use the motivation you create to conquer all challenges in Scream Go Hero Mod?

It can be seen that Scream Go Hero is a relatively easy game to play, but to win, you will encounter many difficulties during the experience. Therefore, you need to adjust the volume accordingly to be able to complete each level. Speak softly so that the character walks while shouting loudly on the screen to jump, depending on the situation waiting ahead, you apply appropriate tactics to deal.

Also, do not forget to collect red cherries on your journey because it will help you unlock funny characters in the shop. This will help players feel more excited during the experience, unlocking as many characters as possible to change alternately in each game screen so as not to be boring. However, you should not take too many cherries along the way because it can put the character in danger. Therefore, you should ensure the safety of your character before thinking about other things.


Classic pixel graphics

It can be seen that the graphics in the game are only equipped with two black and white colors, but still, ensure a beautiful display quality for players. The details in Scream Go Hero are not too elaborate in terms of external visuals, but in return, the relatively smooth transition effect will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied right from the first experience. Although the graphics of this game are not colorful and eye-catching according to modern trends when equipped with classic black and white combined with pixels, it still attracts millions of players thanks to its extremely attractive shouting gameplay.

Overall, Scream Go Hero Mod is a simple game combined with a great action style that if you miss it, you will regret. Maybe the graphics of this game are not too outstanding compared to other games of the same genre, but with fun-style gameplay, this game has helped millions of players have great entertainment moments after the games. stressful working and studying hours. If you still do not believe this, try downloading the game and fight now.

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