Scary Stranger 3D Mod APK 5.11.1 (Free Shopping)
Scary Stranger 3D Mod APK 5.11.1 (Free Shopping)

Scary Stranger 3D Mod APK 5.11.1 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - May 10, 2022
Name Scary Stranger 3D
Version 5.11.1
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 44MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Z & K Games
Update May 10, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Scary Stranger 3D Mod gives players exciting moments of entertainment. Enjoy the feeling of fun when performing trolling others. However, the game requires your creativity and logic in each mission when participating. Play as a young man named Bob. With the task of teasing the newly transferred man by trolling him. Causing him to crash every time he does something. This is a simulation game, so all activities take place in a sequence. From you start making trolls. Until enjoy the moment of your neighbor being trolled by your work. Combined with lively and funny sound after being trolled. Promises to bring exciting entertainment.

Download Scary Stranger 3D Mod – Perform Troll Actions Old Neighbors

The gameplay of Scary Stranger 3D Mod takes place in a sequence, simulated in detail through your actions. Before starting a mission, you will learn about the activities of the old neighbor. Through reading the information that the game provides. Then you start doing your trolling. Move into his home territory, to the location where the old man will perform the activity. Select items around to use for trolling. Make it quick and run out of the old man’s territory before being discovered. In the end, you just have to enjoy the moment watching that old man do his thing. If he gets trolled, you win. Otherwise, nothing happens, your mission fails and you have to start over.Game Scary Stranger 3D Mod

Background and plot

The background of Scary Stranger 3D Mod opens in a town. There is a guy named Bob who is very naughty. Famous in town for trolling others. No matter who, from the young to the old, he was trolled. Make everyone in town stay away from him. Suddenly one day, a man moved near Bob’s house. Is a scary-looking old man with a blue skin tone. Rumor has it that he used to be a teacher. And this is also Bob’s biggest dream in life. Always wanted to troll a teacher. Perhaps in the past, there was something related to the deliveryman that made him wish for such a thing. All information about the old man who moved to town was not disclosed. Hometown, names are all mysterious. Just know he used to be a teacher. Which made everyone in town fear him. Only Bob is not evasive. He begins to fulfill his dream, which is to troll the teacher.Tai Scary Stranger 3D Mod

Note the mirror, troll skill

During the troll mission of Scary Stranger 3D Mod. You need to notice that the mirror is located in the left corner of the screen. Because it shows the process of the old man moving to the location where the operation is performed. If unlucky to be discovered, he will chase you with a weapon. At this point, you need to quickly run out of the gate before being caught by him. To make trolling more effective. You need to watch quickly, move flexibly and calculate the time he takes to get to position. Combined with the creative ability to use an item that appears around the active location of the old man.Scary Stranger 3D Mod

Example Firework Display and Go Bananas quests

Start the first quest Fireword Display of Scary Stranger 3D Mod. The old man’s activity is barbecue. Your task is to move quickly into the garden, then search for the bomb in the barrel. Place it inside the roasting tray, then insert charcoal to hide the bomb. Then quickly ran out of his house to enjoy the exciting moment. When he used a match to ignite the fire, the bomb exploded. Means your task is complete and receive the reward. Continue on to the next mission, Go Bananas. That old man will beat the chimp chained in the garden. Your task is to unlock the chimp so that he pays the price. Throw the banana to get its attention, use the key on the table to unlock it. Quickly run away from his house, do not move in front of the chimpanzee. That will leave you under attack. Then just watch the chimpanzee tormenting him.Dowload Scary Stranger 3D Mod

Sound is one of the factors that leave players with a deep impression. After enjoying the moment the old man gets trolled by your actions. Vibrant music will appear, bringing you laughter full of fun. Besides, Scary Stranger 3D Mod provides a lot of different missions for you to explore. Each task after completing will help you get money. At the same time, the difficulty will increase, requiring your skill and experience to complete the puzzle.

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