Samurai Flash Mod APK 2.0.57 (Unlimited Money)
Samurai Flash Mod APK 2.0.57 (Unlimited Money)

Samurai Flash Mod APK 2.0.57 (Unlimited Money)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Samurai Flash
Version 2.0.57
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 69M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Samurai Flash Mod is an exciting action game where you become a samurai and indulge in the simplest of slashes. There is no specific plot, just a level system with increasing difficulty over time. So you can start playing the game right away without thinking much. But the game’s appeal is not small because you can chop and slash as much as you like. Although the speed is quite slow, it makes gamers feel like they are enjoying slow-motion scenes. The game has many levels, including the boss battle. But the action element is not shown too clearly, mainly moving to finish the enemy with two swords. The element of violence is also reduced quite a lot, no gore, no creepy sounds. Therefore, it can be said that this game is for everyone, anyone can play, including men or women.

Download Samurai Flash Mod – Become a superhero your way

Samurai Flash is inspired by the Samurai warrior image, one of the hot topics loved by action game makers. However, this game is mainly played for entertainment, but it is difficult to show skills. Since the character has no skills, it mainly depends on the player’s moves to win against the enemy. The game provides a simple level system, the game context is monotonous but in return, the music is also quite vibrant. But play it for a while and you can get addicted because the gameplay mechanics are quite fun. Besides, the game also has unique skins and weapon systems to explore. Sometimes, you just need a new outfit to be happy.


Pass hilarious hack and slash levels

This game will not have a specific plot to introduce the character’s background and circumstances. But you also don’t need to care about that, just turn on the game and fight the first level. The gameplay mechanism is quite simple, just touch and hold on the screen to control the character left, right to destroy the enemies along the way. Until you completely destroy the enemy and reach the finish line, you will win and continue to conquer the next challenge. Just like that, you can go through many levels with many interesting challenges. The mechanism is of course unchanged, but the terrain in each screen is different, I don’t know where it is. Enemies are also getting more and more powerful with modern and advanced weapons. Watching them often means you have to replay the level many times.

One interesting thing in Samurai Flash is speed. Although there is a word “Flash” in the game, you really don’t feel it in the experience. Your character and even the enemies in each level will move quite slowly, not looking like a hero at all. But hey, temporarily accepted because this mechanism is also quite fun, helping gamers clearly observe each character’s actions on the screen. You can see a red stickman shooting a gun with a bullet line clearly visible on the screen. Then another guy swung his sword from above, then slowly lowered it. But your stickman guy is no different, he also moves slowly past the enemy, so the new shooting phase is easy to make it difficult for him. However, gamers can also control their own speed. Through each level in Samurai Flash Mod, the character’s speed also increases a bit.


Unlock weapons and skins to refresh your character

After your arduous battle journey, you can save your account to unlock something new. Firstly, it must be said that weapons, which are swords of all kinds, have levels from low to high. But the sword is mainly to make the character look cooler, not to affect the chopping effect. However, the effects of the new sword are also more interesting, with more eye-catching colors. Secondly, it has skins, there are many unique costumes such as Santa Claus, assassins, Batman … to turn your character into a celebrity. But like weapons, costumes also only have the effect of making the character more beautiful and cool, not changing any skills.


Simple graphics

When it comes to the graphic quality of Samurai Flash, it must be said that it is really simple and basic. The character images are designed in Stickman style, but they will be different colors to distinguish between heroes and villains. Meanwhile, the game context is also very simple, built from basic square blocks. Although there is a change of context through each level, you will not feel it too obvious. So, if you are a hardcore gamer, you will probably be quite annoyed with the quality of graphics like this.

Samurai Flash Mod is not a complete game but enough to make millions of gamers around the world fascinated. You should also play it once and then comment on the game for the most authentic experience. Imagine you are a warrior with two swords in hand, what will you do to conquer everyone who stands in your way? That’s the question for you in this experience.

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