SAKURA School Simulator Mod APK 1.039.07 (Unlimited Money)
SAKURA School Simulator Mod APK 1.039.07 (Unlimited Money)

SAKURA School Simulator Mod APK 1.039.07 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 2, 2022
Name SAKURA School Simulator
Version 1.039.07
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 178MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Garusoft Development Inc.
Update January 2, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

SAKURA School Simulator Mod simulates the school environment. With the setting opening at the Sakura school of Japan. As a student, you will begin your own adventure. Experience the activities that take place every day at the school. Be free to perform any desired action. Be a good student, with active activities. Or rioting the school with acts of vandalism and fighting. Depends on your play style. You can enjoy a brilliant school life or become a school rioter. A variety of school activities are waiting for you to discover. Gives you an interesting feeling in the role of a student.

Download SAKURA School Simulator Mod – Simulation Game of School Activities

The school simulation game SAKURA School Simulator Mod is designed with a fairly heavy configuration. According to the publisher Garusoft Development Inc. The player’s device needs 3 GB of Ram or more, along with a Snapdragon 820 processor. If the device does not meet the conditions of the above parameters. When downloading the game to your computer, there may be problems with lag, jerking, and automatic shutdown. Or the memory is not enough to continue using. In particular, the game uses a lot of CPU and GPU. So before experiencing the game, you can turn off all unused applications. Also can be set in the game’s settings. Reduce features or reduce the graphics configuration and the number of people in the game. From there, you can play the game smoothly, smoothly, without interruption during the experience.SAKURA School Simulator Mod

Custom character, detailed information

Before starting school in SAKURA School Simulator Mod. Players can choose the character to enter as a male or female student. At the same time can design interface and appearance. Hairstyles, fashion accessories, and costumes. Over time, you can unlock more options in the character design section. Then choose a name you like. Complete the character design process. You will begin to enter the school environment. Can view details such as class, arm strength, leg strength. Intelligence, life, and mood. The above parameters will be changed based on the actions you take. The power information will be increased each time you complete the missions. Or mood will be based on daily activities.Download SAKURA School Simulator Mod

Explore school and city, chat

The school in SAKURA School Simulator Mod is very large. As a school student, you can move freely. Go to different places in the school to explore. Enter the classrooms to meet and greet other students. Participate in the teacher’s classes. Along with lots of fun activities for you to do. Meet other NPC characters. You can chat with them using the provided fonts. In addition to the school environment, you can also explore the city where you are. Explore the wide street, enjoy the beautiful view from the air. Watch for traffic from the rooftops of buildings. From there, you can become a good student. With active activities in school, as well as outside of school.Tai SAKURA School Simulator Mod

Become a rebellious student

The open gameplay of the SAKURA School Simulator Mod will make it possible for you to perform all activities. It is possible to become a rebellious student of the school. By fighting, attacking other students in the school. You can even hit teachers and teachers to hurt them. Perform hand-to-hand attacks and powerful foot strikes. You can attack anyone in the school or people outside the school. But that will leave a bad impression on other students. Will make them avoid you every time they encounter. In addition to the act of attacking other students in the school. Sometimes you can also become a victim, being attacked by other haters. However, the concept of losing a life is not present in this school simulation game. Those who are attacked are just stunned and will wake up the next day.Game SAKURA School Simulator Mod

The graphics of the SAKURA School Simulator Mod are designed in a cartoon style. From shaping the characters to the surroundings. Everything is impressively designed with 3D Anime images. Combined with a 3rd person perspective, you can observe each character’s actions and gestures. As well as observing everything around easily. Residential buildings, schools, roads, and vehicles. Designed to be very realistic and impressive with vivid colors. In particular, your character not only moves flexibly. You can also use a Jetpack to fly in the air. Along with gentle, fun music melodies, are shown throughout the playing process. Helps you immerse yourself in the school environment.

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