Rusty Lake Hotel Mod Apk 3.0.9 (Full Version)
Rusty Lake Hotel Mod Apk 3.0.9 (Full Version)

Rusty Lake Hotel Mod Apk 3.0.9 (Full Version)

By lyly - August 5, 2022
Name Rusty Lake Hotel
Version 3.0.9
MOD Features Full Version
Size 37M
Requires Android , iOS 9.0
Category Adventure, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE $1.99
Publisher Rusty Lake
Genre ,
Update August 5, 2022 (1 week ago )
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Rusty Lake Hotel Mod is an interesting puzzle game, combining extremely unique horror elements. Rusty Lake Hotel Mod game is published by Rusty Lake. To be honest from the beginning, this game has quite a few players. Maybe it’s not made for everyone. So only some people with their own style can feel it. However, if you love the puzzle genre, stop by and try to learn a little more about it right below! 

Introducing Rusty Lake Hotel

If you are a fan of puzzle games with plots such as:  Dungeons of Dreadrock , Merge Manor: Sunny House ,… Then when playing Rusty Lake Hotel you will have a feeling that the more you play, the more illusionary it is. That’s probably what it feels like at first. However, it is a quality game that has its own way. And it’s a paid game, everyone. If you want to play, you have to spend that money, no kidding, the price above the current item is $ 1.99. Therefore, the few reviews may not show the true nature of Rusty Lake Hotel. 

Rusty Lake Hotel is a game not only released for phones. It was also released for PC as well. With 15 levels, it’s not exactly 15 different games. Each game has its own unique attractions. But it must be admitted that they do not have a continuous plot. Each game like this has its own turn, not seamless. Perhaps because of this point, the gaming community does not seem to appreciate it. 

Is the plot really unattractive?

As the introduction has said, the plot is not transparent and connected. However, you will have surprises, if you are really a stringer. Before coming to the chains that create a shocking secret, let’s also take a look at the context of the game. 

Rusty Lake Hotel takes place in a rather mysterious land. On that land, there are many architectures that are quite easy to startle players. Typically churches, caves, cabins,… On this land, there are 2 clans living together. Together they are a potion for immortality. However, this drug is a double-edged sword that can also take your life. 

The story continues when this potion successfully transforms the members of the family into a new animal form. Our main character Jakob has now changed his name to Mr. Owl. He invites relatives to the hotel and the secret, the story will continue right here…

Gameplay is quite simple

Most puzzle games have fairly easy gameplay. And Rusty Lake Hotel is no exception. You will easily join the game from the very beginning. But playing goat does not mean the game is easy. You will be stunned with the questions and quizzes of Rusty Lake Hotel. You won’t find the answer easily. Sometimes it will take you hours to find the solution after the events that take place in the game. Puzzles get harder and harder and the only way to solve them is to find as many related pieces as possible.

Fancy graphics

In my opinion, this is a game with quite simple graphics. Not really as beautiful as other games of the same type. However, it has a very unique feature. It feels like you’re in a movie theater. It’s like a running tape and you keep watching these tapes, going frame by frame to explore. Also quite interesting and eye-catching if you are a person who likes the art of projection.

1. Is Rusty Lake Hotel Mod safe for your Android phone?

Safe of course.MOD APK version  Rusty Lake Hotel only adjusts some features to give you a better experience. It is recommended that you download the MOD APK file on our website to be safe.

2. Can Rusty Lake Hotel be used on a computer? 

OK if you have to use emulators. We have provided you in the Download section. Please see below for reference.

3. Is the Rusty Lake Hotel free?

Rusty Lake Hotel is a paid game on the CH Play store. However, you can download it right here at no cost. You can download it right from our website.

Download now Rusty Lake Hotel Mod Apk on Android iOS

Love to explore and puzzle game genres, don’t ignore the Rusty Lake Hotel game. A paid game can now be played without any cost. You will find the secrets hidden behind the stories of horror and fear. Brain training and feeling is what Rusty Lake Hotel can do for you.

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