Royal Match MOD APK 6960 (Unlimited Rockets)
Royal Match MOD APK 6960 (Unlimited Rockets)

Royal Match MOD APK 6960 (Unlimited Rockets)

By CBCC - January 11, 2022
Name Royal Match
Version 6960
MOD Features Unlimited Rockets
Size 167MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Dream Games, Ltd.
Update January 11, 2022 (1 week ago )

Enjoy the puzzle game Royal Match Mod provided by the publisher Dream Games, Ltd. The player’s task is to accompany King Robert on his journey to build a royal castle. The gameplay of the game is designed similar to other match-3 games. Combine, match 3 or more similar items or more. For the purpose of finding and collecting coins to build. Besides, the game also offers some more attractive game modes. Increased excitement and thrill when racing against time. Solve puzzles quickly to keep the king safe from fearsome danger. This game is integrated with some interesting elements. Not only match-3 puzzles, but you can also explore the large rooms inside the castle.

Download Royal Match Mod – Accompany King Robert to Decorate the Royal Castle

Royal Match Mod provides thousands of attractive levels. The difficulty will increase each time you complete the current level. Continue to participate in the next level of play. The given conditions will be more difficult than before. The number of items to collect is more. Along with elements that interfere with the puzzle process are added. Parallel to the difficulty of the game, the part usually received after completion is also very generous. However, to be able to conquer the playing levels. You need to constantly improve your puzzle skills. Level up yourself through previous puzzle levels. Effective combination of support tools as needed. From there will overcome the challenge at the game levels. Conquer more difficult levels, even completing the challenge excellently.Game Royal Match Mod

Perform mission

Accompany King Robert in the match-3 puzzle game Royal Match Mod. Your task is to decorate the royal castle, with the equipment of each room. Large garden, living room, kitchen, garage, and many other rooms. Each room in the castle needs to be equipped with a lot of different objects. Based on the design structure of each room. You need to design it properly, with the corresponding objects. Create rooms with full amenities. For example, the living room is the main place to receive guests. This place needs to be equipped with tables, chairs, and beautiful decorative items. A piano can be added to increase the aesthetic. From there, it is possible to create a splendid, luxurious, and beautiful living room. Turn through the puzzle levels, gradually, you can decorate all the rooms in the castle.Ear Royal Match Mod

Gold coins and gold stars

After completing each Royal Match Mod match-3 puzzle level. You will get the gold coins. It is a reward corresponding to each level of play and achievement you achieve. If you want to earn a lot of gold coins. You need to complete the puzzle level excellently. Collect enough items in the shortest time, as well as the least number of puzzles. Not only that, but each level also gives you a gold star. This is the main element for you to upgrade the royal castle of King Robert. By using the gold star to select a location you want to upgrade. It will then automatically improve, creating a more beautiful background than before. For example, the garden at first was quite sketchy, without many trees. After using the gold star to upgrade, the garden will become greener than before.Royal Match Mod

Puzzle items create special items

The puzzle items in the levels of Royal Match Mod are very unique. Includes books, leaves, crown, and shield. To be able to collect the required items at each level. You need to arrange and match at least 3 or more similar items. Or you can use compound items to create special items. After using will create impressive combos. For example, matching 6 similar items will create a special sphere. After use can create a large explosion. Depending on the number of items that can be combined in each puzzle turn. Can create propeller or gyro. Help you collect more items. As well as create combos to achieve higher scores.Download Royal Match Mod

Besides the usual puzzle game levels. Royal Match Mod also allows you to link the game with Facebook. Through it, you can challenge other players. Or invite friends to join to compete on the leaderboard. This feature is quite interesting, helping you not to feel bored. As well as creating excitement when playing with friends. This will be an extremely interesting match-3 puzzle game. When integrated with online play. Especially combined with decorative elements of the royal castle. Promises to take you on an extremely fascinating journey.

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