Royal Knight Tales Mod APK 1.0.17 (Menu, Damage Multiplier, Defense)
Royal Knight Tales Mod APK 1.0.17 (Menu, Damage Multiplier, Defense)

Royal Knight Tales Mod APK 1.0.17 (Menu, Damage Multiplier, Defense)

By CBCC - March 18, 2022
Name Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Online MMO
Version 1.0.17
MOD Features Menu, Damage Multiplier, Defense
Size 590MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Ely Anime Games
Update March 18, 2022 (2 months ago )

Royal Knight Tales Mod is an RPG role-playing game. Built-in Anime style. Brings you to exciting battles between heroes and monsters. This is an online game, published by Ely Anime Games. With fighting gameplay, with the extremely beautiful graphics system. Combined with a lot of unique features, with a diverse mission system. Allows you to meet other players online. As requested by the developer, to be able to experience the game. The Player’s device needs to have a 3GB Ram system. At the same time, the device memory must be free of at least 2GB to be able to download. Because the game has a fairly large capacity if you want a smoother experience. Players need to meet the conditions provided by the developer. From there, you can freely explore all the features of the game.

Download Royal Knight Tales Mod – Battle Of The Female Heroes To Defend The Kingdom

Play as a princess of the kingdom in Royal Knight Tales Mod. Your mission is to recruit heroes to participate in the wars. For the purpose of preventing the army of monsters from attacking the castle. The heroes in the kingdom are all strong female knights. With dozens of different heroes for the princess to recruit. Each female knight possesses her own unique fighting ability and unique personal skills. In particular, following them was a squad of soldiers. However, to recruit heroes to your team. It will be necessary to go through the wars according to their history. Take turns to win battles with monsters. You will assemble a team of heroines. Continue to develop their skills for challenging battles.Dowload Royal Knight Tales Mod

Soldiers have the same strength as their heroine

Each hero in Royal Knight Tales Mod has its own army. Soldiers will be at the vanguard of battles. Always follow and accompany their heroin any battle. Their abilities also match the strength of the heroes. The heroic mage uses magic to fight. Soldiers also have magical abilities. Demon hero, there will be an army of demons to follow. Or the hero marries a horse, led by an army of mounted soldiers. And there are many heroes with special abilities, with outstanding combat power. Experiencing battles, you also have to upgrade heroes to develop their strength. Upgrade the attributes and develop the individual skills of each hero. For example, a horse-riding hero, after upgrading, can become a dragon-riding hero.Tai Royal Knight Tales Mod

Combat gameplay

For each battle in Royal Knight Tales Mod, you can assemble a team of 5 heroines. After entering the arena to start the battle. Heroes and their soldiers, as well as enemy forces. The two sides will attack continuously until the forces of either side are completely defeated. During the battle. Your task is to keep track of what’s going on. At the same time, you can use the special skills of each hero when needed. Immediately after using, the hero will automatically unleash the power. Deals a large amount of damage to enemy forces. After the battle is over, your achievements will correspond to the number of stars achieved. Each battle can reach a maximum of 3 stars. From there you will get a lot of loot. Continue to enter new battles, with increased difficulty.Royal Knight Tales Mod

Join the clan

It’s not just about fighting monsters or enemy armies. Players can also join the clan to discover many interesting things. Here, Royal Knight Tales Mod allows you to chat online with clan members. Or even talk to all the players in the world. Through the chat channel provided by the system. In particular, you can perform quests in the clan to earn rewards every day. Cooperate with teammates to participate in clan boss battles. Defeat powerful bosses to share attractive rewards. Or you can participate in the weekly event to earn lots of loot. Even at higher levels, you can fight to capture castles.Game Royal Knight Tales Mod

Strategy is a very important factor in every battle of Royal Knight Tales Mod. Before starting the battle, you can change the position of the heroines. Find out their fighting prowess, with offensive, defensive, and support abilities. From there arrange the position of each hero according to a smart strategy. Can attack and defend effectively in every battle. For example, a hero with an advantage in defense will have to take the lead. Creates a shield for heroes with high damage to the attack. Heroes with an advantage in attack will have to position themselves behind the defending hero. From there, they will exploit their full power.

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