Room Planner MOD APK 1090 (Unlock all content)
Room Planner MOD APK 1090 (Unlock all content)

Room Planner MOD APK 1090 (Unlock all content)

By naomi988 - August 12, 2022
Name Room Planner
Version 1090
MOD Features Unlock all content
Size 572M
Requires Android
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher iCanDesign LLC
Genre ,
Update August 12, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Room Planner MOD game helps you improve your creativity and taste. If you are looking for a game to help you elevate yourself, then Room Planner is right for you. Let’s find out the interesting game below.

Room Planner MOD APK {{version}} (Unlock all content)

What is Room Planner MOD?

Room Planner is a game that allows you to enjoy decorating your home. That’s right, you have the right to decorate your own home, not a worker of a furniture company with the task of decorating customers’ homes. For many players, building a home for their family is the most wonderful thing. And since it’s their home, they will have full control over everything in the house based on their aesthetic style.

Similarly, with Room Planner, players can use all available interior designs that the game provides to make their home and each room more beautiful. Each house can be viewed as a challenge of its own, asking players to make it cozy, beautiful and perfect according to personal preferences.

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Features of the game

Come up with ideas

You need to imagine a house with all the furniture and items arranged. You need to present it in a way that is most appropriate and pleasing to the eye. Room Planner is the place for you to show your talents. Build your own home in the style you love.

A house with elegant designs and arrangement of items. Room Planner owns thousands of different items for you to refer to and choose from. Let’s work with Room Planner to create a lot of new houses. Don’t let yourself be limited in terms of construction plans. This is considered a place for you to develop a variety of thoughts.


After coming up with specific ideas. The next thing is to arrange the interior so that it is neat and scientific. Because a house will not be beautiful if the items are not arranged properly and neatly.

You need to put these furniture in the right areas. From how to put the TV table, sofa, flower pot in what position, to how the tables and chairs will be arranged, … all the items you have must be arranged by yourself. Make an impression and attract viewers. Make the house beautiful from the outside to the inside.

Decorate house

Decorate the house to be perfect and beautiful in every little detail. Arrange everything from the outside of the living room to the inside of the bedroom. Every detail in the apartment is arranged and decorated by you. Choose paint colors to make the house more prominent. Room Planner allows you to express your own breakthrough and style.

Thousands of challenges with every style

The player’s houses also represent a challenge of the game, but more interestingly they will be rich in style as well as culture. Each house will have its own characteristics in shape, color and atmosphere. The player’s task is to complete all the challenges of the game, use the most reasonable items and get the highest rating possible.

The game will use an intelligent AI to comment and rate players in each challenge. Therefore, your creativity is what has the greatest influence on the value of each project. The houses will be extremely diverse or even have many different variations, a harmonious combination of Asia and U. You will also be able to see firsthand architectural styles past and present, thereby unleashing your creativity to shape the most satisfying products.

Room Planner MOD APK {{version}} (Unlock all content)

FAQs about Room Planner MOD

Is the game safe for mobile?

Room Planner MOD is absolutely safe for users and their devices. All security risks have been eliminated by LMHMOD with strict censorship tests. You can rest assured and comfortably enjoy this game.

Does Room Planner MOD cost anything?

Room Planner MOD is free for users of LMHMOD. You can download this game and decorate the house of your dreams without spending any money.

Does the game require a network connection?

The game requires a network connection to make the joining process smoother. That is why you should consider the transmission of the device before participating in the game. Limit network outages, affecting game experience.

Room Planner MOD APK {{version}} (Unlock all content)

Download Room Planner MOD game for Android

If you are a home decorator or have a dream of becoming an interior designer. Then Room Planner is the perfect choice to express your creativity and personal taste. At the same time, you can also gain useful knowledge about interior design. So, don’t wait any longer, quickly download Room Planner MOD at LMHMOD to enjoy moments of learning while playing!

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