Rome Empire War Mod APK 142 (Unlimited Money)
Rome Empire War Mod APK 142 (Unlimited Money)

Rome Empire War Mod APK 142 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - October 18, 2021
Name Rome Empire War: Strategy Games
Version 138
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 135MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Update October 18, 2021 (3 hours ago )

Come to the game Rome Empire War Mod to return to the era of more than 2000 years ago. With endless wars between ancient kingdoms. The wars of aggression were fought continuously for power. Each kingdom has powerful fighting armies. They all share the same goal, which is to expand the territory. Assert the status of a medieval power with a vast territory. The game belongs to the genre of strategy games. Reenactment of medieval wars. Here, you will play the role of a general of a kingdom. Lead the army to participate in wars. Make a smart military strategy in each battle. Defeat entire armies of other kingdoms to show off their prestige. Affirm the strength of a general, hold a powerful army.

Download Rome Empire War Mod – Lead the Army Into Ancient Battles

Before coming to the battles in Rome Empire War Mod. You need to choose a medieval general to play the role. Then will serve a kingdom. Here, there are many legendary generals, with historical names. Typically like Scipio, Caesar, Hannibal, Pyrrhus, … and many other generals. Each general has its own fighting skills. Shown by their power stats, you can find out in detail their abilities. At the same time, the strength of each general will be shown in battles. Over time, experience fierce battles. The strength of the generals will be greatly developed. Their skills also improved, increasing their combat ability. Relying on the strength of the top general, you can lead your army to dominate on the battlefield.Rome Empire War Mod

Choose a kingdom to write the story on

Rome Empire War Mod has the appearance of many ancient kingdoms from more than 2000 years ago. Including Rome, Carthage, Epirus, Samnium, … After playing the role of a general, you will choose a kingdom to start the war for power. Samnite Wars, Punic Wars, Pyrrhic Wars… are the names of the wars that will take place. A fierce scene will be recreated in a completely new space. Not only the brutality of the battles is played out according to history. You can also feel the excitement of using tactics to change the course of the battle. From there will write a historical story about a mighty empire led by you. Experiencing countless battles, confronting great ancient kingdoms. By smart strategy and army training talent.Game Rome Empire War Mod

Combat units

In the ancient war of Rome Empire War Mod. There are many different fighting forces. Including archers, cavalry, war elephants, warships, catapults, etc. Each combat force plays an important role in the wars. To build a powerful army, it will be necessary to have a full range of forces. The catapult can attack from a distance, is a means of siege, and supports soldiers. Archers belong to the long-range combat force, they can shoot enemies with deadly arrows. Especially the cavalry, an indispensable force in any war. As a general, don’t just attack in battle. But you also have to learn how to use soldiers appropriately. To be able to effectively exploit the power of each combat unit. Only then can you win difficult battles.Download Rome Empire War Mod

Diverse combat terrain

Each battle in Rome Empire War Mod takes place in many different terrains. Including plains, oceans, hills, etc. Each terrain is not just a battlefield where wars take place. It also affects the implementation of your battle plan. Even taking advantage of the terrain effectively, can change the course of the battle. For example, you can attack directly with the enemy team on the plain, when the fighting force is outnumbered. Or use archers and cavalry to attack enemies in mountainous terrain. Attack by surprise to make the enemy not have time to counterattack.In Rome Empire War Mod

Besides focusing on deploying forces to fight the enemy army. Players also have to protect the stronghold, preventing the enemy from attacking. In Rome Empire War Mod you can build watchtowers, fortresses, fences, and other defensive equipment. Base defense is very important. Because it’s the control center where you train soldiers and military structures. Any army wants to occupy territory to gain domination. Fortify your base firmly. Make sure the enemy when attacking will be destroyed.

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