Rogue Hearts Mod APK 1.6.3 (Menu, Damage, Craft)
Rogue Hearts Mod APK 1.6.3 (Menu, Damage, Craft)

Rogue Hearts Mod APK 1.6.3 (Menu, Damage, Craft)

By CBCC - October 13, 2021
Name Rogue Hearts
Version 1.5.19
MOD Features Menu, Damage, Craft
Size 27MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Ninetail Games
Update October 13, 2021 (2 days ago )

Rogue Hearts Mod is a role-playing game with an attractive fighting style. The game is provided by the publisher Ninetail Games. You play as a warrior in the dark world, participating in dramatic monster battles. Use your own moves and skills to defeat them. Moreover, you will have to face huge monsters. Requires skill and tactics to win. This is not just a simple battle, your goal is to find precious treasures.

Download Rogue Hearts Mod – Become A Warrior And Explore Dark Prison

The background of Rogue Hearts Mod opens in a gloomy space, that is, a dark prison area. This place is a prison, holding many dangerous monsters. You transform into a warrior, appear in this prison to uncover the mystery. At the same time search for treasures that are being stored deep underground. However, you will have to face many challenges and dangers. Fierce monsters, they will attack when they detect you. If you want to survive in this prison, you will have to fight and defeat them. Besides, you have no help from other warriors, you have to fight alone. Overcome all challenges in search of rare treasures.Download Rogue Hearts Mod

Open gameplay, destroy monsters, search for treasure

The game is designed with open gameplay, you can freely move and do everything in the world of Rogue Hearts Mod. Control the character to many different locations, hunt monsters to find treasure. Challenge yourself to fight the big boss. It is a monster, possessing strong fighting ability. Along with a lot of defense and health, making you face a lot of difficulties in the process of fighting. Using a warrior’s special skill deals massive damage to enemies. Build a smart fighting style to get good results in combat. Those will help you defeat monsters and earn precious treasures. At the same time, you will discover many new places when you move to the next area. Meet and fight with more powerful monsters. Along with that is the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.Game Rogue Hearts Mod

Turn-based combat, smart strategy

The gameplay of Rogue Hearts Mod is turn-based. You and the monster will take turns attacking until one of them is defeated. This is an advantage that helps you maximize the combat ability of the warrior through each turn. Along with that are some limitations that make it very difficult for you to defeat the enemy. Over time, the deeper into the game you will encounter a lot of monsters. They surround from many sides, making it very difficult for you to develop your fighting style. If you want to win in such difficult situations. You can use clever tactics to make the enemy squad scattered. By attacking while moving, it helps you dodge some of the monsters’ attacks. At the same time, it opens up a new way of fighting, killing enemies easily.Rogue Hearts Mod

The increasing difficulty, upgrade warrior

Similar to regular role-playing games, the difficulty of Rogue Hearts Mod increases as you progress into the game. Monsters are not just a few names like before, their number increased even more. Along with the tempo of the battle and the fighting ability of the monsters also increased. Make it difficult for you to fight monsters. If you want to win, you need to upgrade your warrior. Equip powerful weapons, upgrade your stats and learn moves to increase your fighting ability.

Use special skills, get the treasure

During the battle, using special skills will help you deal large amounts of damage to the enemy. After winning, you will receive accumulated points to upgrade your character. At the same time, the treasure of Rogue Hearts Mod will appear, when opened you will receive a lot of gold coins and red crystals. Using them, you can shop for equipment and unlock powerful weapons.Ear Rogue Hearts Mod

Rogue Hearts Mod does not have too many characters for you to choose from. But you can choose different fighting styles, by equipping your own weapons. For example, equip a sword to attack enemies directly or use a bow and arrow to create a huge amount of damage. Warrior possesses 3 main moves and a special skill. In some dangerous situations, using special skills will help you get out of danger. At the same time, upgrading the warrior’s skills will help them increase damage when used. From there, you can kill monsters quickly. In addition, the warrior’s skill effect is extremely impressive and beautiful.

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