ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod APK 3.3.1 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - September 10, 2021
ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod APK 3.3.1 (Unlocked)
Version 3.3.1
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 80MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update September 10, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod is a classic action game with a shooting style. Role-play as an unusual hunter, choose the character X or Zero. Taking on the task in the Internet world to process the data has failed. Fight with robots and robots to complete the mission. This is the next version of ROCKMAN X provided by the publisher CAPCOM TAIWAN. The gameplay and principles remain the same as the previous versions. However, the game is improved in terms of graphics, as well as some new features added. Flexible movement of the character during combat. The control system has been customized to be more suitable for use. At the same time, 360-degree automatic aiming and shooting feature is also added. Gives you a more realistic fighting feeling in a virtual Internet world.

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod – War Of Heroes X And ​​Zero

ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod has the same server system as previous versions ROCKMAN X: Deep Lop. An incident causes robots to appear in the world of Deep Lop. They are led by a giant boss, with a plot to destroy the server system of ROCKMAN X. Unexpected incidents continuously occur during use. Causes data of ROCKMAN X to malfunction and be lost. Here, your task is to accompany one of two legendary heroes X or Zero. With the task of troubleshooting and recovering lost data. By fighting the robots and defeating the boss behind this terrifying plot.ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod

Destroy the robot and fight the final boss

Enter the battle of ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod. You use the equipped gun, with a 360-degree auto-fire mechanism. Move flexibly to attack the robots when they appear. Continuous firing to destroy a series of robots along the way. Keep moving forward to enter the final battle. Fight the giant boss with terrifying power. Has a strong defense and possesses a huge amount of health. Can create huge damage, causing you to lose a lot of health if hit. If you want to win, you need to have flexible personal skills. Simultaneously use the full power of the hero to attack. Use special powers to make the boss lose a large amount of health. Move quickly to avoid boss attacks. After winning, you will get the loot. Continue to the next fight with increased difficulty.Game ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod

Co-op and Versus Modes

The game has 2 modes including Co-op and Versus. For ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod’s Co-op game mode. You are provided with a mission system according to each level of play. Conquer each level in turn by defeating all enemies and bosses in each level. Get the highest achievement, with the maximum number of stars, 3 stars. From there, you will proceed to the next level with increased difficulty. Besides, when participating in Versus mode. You are constantly improving your experience and improving your skills. Use the full power of the hero to create a variety of combat skills. Beat your opponents and win convincingly. No matter which model you join, you have to focus on fighting. Combine agile movement for attack and defense.Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod

Weapon system

In addition to the basic weapons provided in the early stages of ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod. The game also gives you a lot of different weapons. Through level-by-level battles, you will have the opportunity to receive new weapons. Your hero can be equipped with 2 different weapons in the fight. Includes secondary and primary weapons. As for the main weapon, you can use the guns to attack continuously. Causes enemies to be destroyed. Secondary weapons can deal great damage to enemies, more than the main weapon. However, cooldown and not as mobile as the main weapon. So you only use it when necessary or in danger.Ear ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod

The control mechanism of ROCKMAN X DiVE Mod remains the same as the old versions. Although the arrangement has been customized to make it easier to use. But the combat skills and movement system remained unchanged. By combining combat skills and movement systems flexibly. Will help you face giant bosses. As well as destroy all robots easily. From there, you will complete the assigned task. Troubleshoot problems in ROCKMAN X server systems. Also, recover stolen data.

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