Rhythm Doctor Apk 1.1425
Rhythm Doctor Apk 1.1425

Rhythm Doctor Apk 1.1425

By trangha94 - July 29, 2022
Name Rhythm Doctor
Version 1.1425
MOD Features N/A
Size 15.46MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Games, Role Playing
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update July 29, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Rhythm Doctor is an extremely attractive healing-themed game. You will not use medical equipment for treatment. Instead, you use musical rhythms to save the patient. The game has attracted many participants on a global scale. Let’s learn about this game in the following article.

About Rhythm Doctor

About Rhythm Doctor

You treat patients in the Rhythm Doctor rhythm game by: Defibrillation in sync with their heart rate. For a soothing, soulful piece of music, you must discover the individual beats of each patient. At the same time, fight boss viruses that are trying to break your rhythm.

How to play Rhythm Doctor

In the game Rhythm Doctor, players will play the role of a talented doctor. But the cure is completely different: You use musical rhythms. From that. to treat wounds and eliminate viruses that exist in the patient’s body.

Every time the seventh bass hits, you launch a new attack. From there, to prevent viruses. Players will use any button on the keyboard to follow the music. So be careful not to miss the important bass rhythm.

Interesting features in Rhythm Doctor

Some of the cool features included in Rhythm Doctor are:

Try to save patients like a good doctor

Obviously it’s your responsibility to try to treat every patient. Moreover, you are considered as a qualified doctor. For each individual with a unique medical condition, the severity will vary. Therefore, nothing will be simple.

Once your reputation has expanded, you will inevitably encounter some harmful and challenging illnesses.

Ready to fight beyond the role of a doctor

Players will play the role of a talented doctor who cures every patient. However, when it is necessary to fight to protect the patient. The doctor will equip a stylish Samurai armor and go all out.

Many levels for you to join

Rhythm Doctor has more than 20 levels for you to participate in. Each level has a very interesting and unique storyline. From there, help you to experience the best game, the best quality.

Experience increasing game difficulty

If there are cases in real life when “we did our best”, it’s the same in the game. Sometimes you give up before some illness that takes a long time to cure or conquer.

Fight with opponents who are strange diseases and viruses

Fight with opponents who are strange diseases and viruses

Disease, especially viruses, is your only opponent. Their health bar is very large so it is difficult to deal damage and remove them quickly.

Each virus will vary in their abilities and powers, but if you like the art and can keep up with the usual rhythm of the game, you shouldn’t have any difficulty.

Join the game with friends

Play the entire campaign alone or with a companion. To create, share and play community levels, a powerful level editor! Use your own music, take notes to the beat, and use over 50 different backgrounds and visual effects.

Attractive, realistic graphic design

The 2D images combined with the Pixel are amazing, simple and really engaging. The influence of playing the game is also clearly depicted, making players feel both excitement and nostalgia.

To give gamers the most pleasant and peaceful experience possible, the concepts of the characters are also quite beautiful.

Attractive in-game sound system

The Rhythm Doctor’s sound is definitely a standout element; Traditional bass or music combined with electric guitars, drums and other instruments creates the most lifelike environment you’ve ever seen.

Frequently asked questions about Rhythm Doctor

Frequently asked questions about Rhythm Doctor

1. How many players can each Rhythm Doctor play?

The game allows up to 2 people to join this game at the same time. So to win the best in-game advantage. You can invite your close friends to join

2. How is the Rhythm Doctor controlled? Is it difficult?

Rhythm Doctor has easy control with virtual function buttons displayed on the screen. From there, help you manipulate smoothly, participate in the best play.

3. Does Rhythm Doctor time quests in the game?

Game doesn’t count the time you take the challenges. So you can try to do the best task.

Download Rhythm Doctor for Android, IOS

Rhythm Doctor has been linked to the download link by Lmhmod.com in this post. Please check and download to play. In addition, some games similar, you can refer to are: Battery Doctor , Dr. Driving 2 , My Hospital ,…

Above is all the information that we have updated about the game Rhythm Doctor. Hopefully, you will have more useful knowledge after participating in this game.

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