REFACE Mod APK 2.13.0 (Unlocked Pro)
REFACE Mod APK 2.13.0 (Unlocked Pro)

REFACE Mod APK 2.13.0 (Unlocked Pro)

By CBCC - April 28, 2022
Name Reface
Version 2.13.0
MOD Features Unlocked Pro
Size 21MB
Requires Android 5.1
Category Tools
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Update April 28, 2022 (3 weeks ago )

REFACE Mod is a video creation application that is loved by many people. Currently, users can easily find a lot of applications on the Android platform. However, each application gives you a different experience. Here developer NEOCORTEXT will help you create interesting short videos. This app is a fascinating face transform tool. Users can use their own faces to create funny and funny short videos. Besides, the application has received a lot of user reviews. And recommended as one of the most interesting applications enjoyed by many people in 2020. Not stopping there, the application was developed and appeared in over 100 countries.

Download REFACE Mod – Put Your Face On Famous Characters

With REFACE Mod users can edit and create interesting videos. Here you can crop and merge images to create interesting videos or GIFs. Especially the application helps users to take pictures of their faces. Then it can be grafted into the faces of famous people, like singers, idols, or people known to everyone. Besides the application provides users with a lot of singers, artists, and celebrities. You just need to search for their last name in the search bar, then choose a character that you love. However, before that, you need to use the camera on your device to Selfie your face. Or you can choose an image available in the device, to include in the application. Then choose a video that you enjoy. Once you start the face change process, it will take a short time. Depending on the video,


Make interesting videos

REFACE Mod uses Faceswap technology to help you create a video easily. Not stopping there, the application not only changes your face into a celebrity. But it also brings a full range of facial expressions to the user. Especially the application will automatically recognize faces. And can analyze in detail the parts of the photo you put up. The system will then automatically replace the face you selected. With the exact same expression and shade on the photo that has been replaced. In addition, users can add effects to their videos. To create a highlight and make viewers feel excited and funny. Each photo is converted, not only giving you the same quality as the original photo. It is also designed with higher sharpness, along with extremely realistic quality. All those things,Download REFACE Mod

Processing ability

Moreover, the application has been greatly optimized in terms of processing ability and stability. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time tweaking the details little by little. Instead, users just need to select the original photos and videos they want, then the system will automatically convert quickly. Besides, in the main interface of REFACE Mod. Users can easily search thousands of different videos. Each video is cut from famous movies around the world and is loved by many people. For example, Marvel movies of superheroes or funny cartoons. All are reproduced in an interesting space that the application brings. You can turn yourself into an iron man hero, with just a few simple steps. In addition, the search bar is also divided, so you can easily find the scenes in the movie. And choose your favorite hero, to swap yourself into that character.REFACE Mod

Create GIFs

Besides funny videos, REFACE Mod allows users to create their own GIFs. Usually, when surfing the web or social networking sites, you will often see GIFs on comments. It not only brings laughter to everyone but also helps you express your own feelings. Especially users can share videos and GIFs with everyone. Not stopping there, the application will regularly update videos and GIFs. To meet the needs of users and help them create new things.Ears REFACE Mod

Although REFACE Mod is not bothered by ads or contains irrelevant content. But it is limited to a lot of unique features when you use it with the free plan that the system provides. For example, users are limited in the number of videos saved or cannot use premium videos. So if you want to experience everything in the application. You need to pay to unlock the Pro feature. Then users can freely explore and create many interesting videos. Along with unlimited storage, will give users a large space to store videos and GIFs.

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