Race Master 3D Mod APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)
Race Master 3D Mod APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Race Master 3D Mod APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - October 12, 2021
Name Race Master 3D - Car Racing
Version 3.0.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 157MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Update October 12, 2021 (6 days ago )

Become a car racer in the game Race Master 3D Mod. The player is in control of a supercar that can reach very fast speeds. Take on challenging roads in extreme racing environments. Compete with worthy opponents, they are professional racers. Experienced in speed races. Show the bravery of a talented car racer, compete with rivals in the race. Overtake each of the leading cars to climb to the top of the list. Reach the finish line with the shortest time, win convincingly. At the same time complete the task of a racer to continue to step into new races.

Download Race Master 3D Mod – Dramatic Racing In Diverse Environments

Start the race of Race Master 3D Mod. You compete against 5 other opponents in a race of up to 6 players. Drive the car on flat roads. Overcome the unpredictable turns, rush to new tracks. Walk in the arched paths, ignited by hallucinations. If you lose focus and do not observe carefully, your car is very susceptible to collisions with obstacles. At the same time limit collisions with other racing cars. Because that can cause the speed of the racing car to be reduced, allowing the opponent behind to get ahead at any time. The game incorporates a physical collision feature. Therefore, every time you have an accident when you hit an obstacle or collide with an opponent’s racing car. The speed will be reduced, causing the vehicle to take a short time to reach maximum speed.Download Race Master 3D Mod

33 levels, obstacles, difficulty

Race Master 3D Mod has 33 unique levels of play. Each level is a challenge, going from easy to difficult. Claim your racing experience. Drive safely on dangerous roads. Breakthrough speed when the car reaches top speed. At each level, you will encounter a lot of different obstacles. They appear at multiple locations throughout the race. Balls, wooden poles with sharp nails, giant windmills, etc. If unfortunately, the collision will cause the racing car to be damaged or slow down. According to each level of play, every time you step into a new level. The difficulty of the game will be changed and increased. Not only the number of obstacles more. But other racers have richer racing experiences. If you want to win, you need to constantly improve your racing skills.Game Race Master 3D Mod

7 different race tracks

Throughout the race at Race Master 3D Mod. You will explore 7 different racing locations. From arc roads, race tracks in the form of F1. Until the beautiful 3D color race track. Each track is designed specifically, as well as the obstacles that appear on it. In particular, in a race, there will be many different race tracks. After a certain distance, a new track will appear ahead. Riders need to watch closely to move through safely. Because the intersections between the old and new tracks often appear as dangerous obstacles. Very easy to cause accidents for riders.Race Master 3D Mod

7 race cars, 15 paint colors, 14 lights

Race Master 3D Mod provides 7 types of racing cars for you to explore. Each racing car displays detailed parameters of maximum speed, control level. In particular, you can upgrade racing cars to increase performance. Choose new tires to increase friction and better grip the road in harsh environmental conditions. In addition, exterior changes will help the car stand out in the race. Choose one of 15 paints to make your racing car stand out. Also, choose from one of 14 types of neon lights. It is like a ball, shown under the racing car. However, every time you change something, you need to use the money to buy it. Design your own racing car that will increase your excitement during racing.

Rich graphics and sound

Map, the environment around the race track of Race Master 3D Mod is used 3D graphics. The styling of each vehicle is impressive with its customizable appearance. Besides, the sound is a factor that helps players feel excited when experiencing the game. Rich sound is expressed through the roar of the car engine on the road. The sound of tires drifting when entering a bend, along with the sound of metal when racing cars collide. Combined with the impact effect, causing the screen to shake.Ear Race Master 3D Mod

Not only compete with racers in Race Master 3D Mod. Players also have the opportunity to compete with 8 special bosses. This makes your race even more exciting and dramatic. Win against bosses by heading to the enemy with the lead. You will get a lot of bonuses. At the same time asserting himself as a professional racing driver. Has the skill and rich experience in intense races.

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