QANDA APK 5.1.24
QANDA APK 5.1.24

QANDA APK 5.1.24

By naomi988 - August 12, 2022
Version 5.1.24
MOD Features N/A
Size 29M
Requires Android 5.0, iOS 13.0+
Category Apps
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Price FREE
Publisher Mathpresso
Update August 12, 2022 (1 month ago )
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QANDA application is highly appreciated in Asian countries such as Korea, Japan. Currently this tool is popular with students and students. To learn more about this support tool, follow the content below.

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What is QANDA?

QANDA stands for QUESTION AND ANSWER. It seems that with this explanation, you also have some understanding of how the application works. QANDA’s main use is to help you give the exact same or similar answers based on the question we enter. Users only need to use the camera on their device to take a picture of the question and press the search button, and the application will take care of the rest.

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Main features of the app

Capture questions easily

QANDA has a convenient feature of identifying questions through taking photos directly on the app. You also have the ability to take a picture of the questions first, and then select them in the phone’s photo album extremely quickly. You don’t have to waste time retyping questions or manually jotting down difficult and annoying math formulas.

Ask 1:1 questions with top teachers

QANDA also supports 1:1 questioning function with more than 10,000 teachers from famous universities. You can actively select any tutor from the list, then text and send your questions directly. These tutors will soon respond and return the answers to you as quickly as possible.

With this 1:1 question and answer feature, not only mathematics, you can also ask about questions related to subjects such as foreign languages, science, society, .,. Note that texting with your tutor will cost you a certain amount of coins. And the number you can get for free when completing some tasks given by the application.

Not only that, QANDA also has the feature to help find the fastest solution. After you take a picture of the questions, the application’s system will immediately find, identify and give the most accurate answers to your questions. Users will not necessarily spend time waiting for the solution when using this function. However, the accuracy of this function still needs to be improved. Users give comments and suggestions so that the system can improve this accuracy again.

Measure problem solving time and improve concentration

Most especially, QANDA also has a feature to help you calculate the time to do the test, which helps you quantify your study time and improve your ability to concentrate while doing the test. Timer is an effective tool that allows you to accurately assess your reading time, thereby knowing how to allocate time and change the speed of your homework. This will contribute to your confidence when you take the exams.

Computer aid makes calculations easy

QANDA also has an advanced formula calculator for users. This feature helps you to calculate any mathematical formula from simple to very convenient and simple, such as: find x, binary, equality constant, sin, cos, tan, system of equations, .. QANDA will send back the results to the user with specific solving steps, helping the user to grasp the solution at a glance.

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FAQs about QANDA

Does the app cost money?

QANDA APK is a 100% free application for users at LMHMOD website. You can download this application to best support your own learning without paying any fees.

Is QANDA mobile safe?

With passing the rigorous security tests from the team of LMHMOD. QANDA APK application ensures 100% safety for users’ mobile devices. Therefore, you can be completely safe and use this application.

What age is the app suitable for?

QANDA APK at LMHMOD is an application that answers learning questions, so this application is suitable for users of all ages. If you have children of school age and often have tough questions or assignments. Please download QANDA APK for them to use!

Download QANDA APK App for Android

Not only providing answers to difficult problems and useful knowledge. QANDA is also a miniature community where everyone can learn and improve together every day. With the above advantages, it is not difficult to understand that QANDA has become the leading educational application on mobile with more than 10 million users downloading and using.

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