Punishing: Gray Raven Mod APK 1.22.1
Punishing: Gray Raven Mod APK 1.22.1

Punishing: Gray Raven Mod APK 1.22.1

By BQH - March 13, 2022
Name Punishing: Gray Raven
Version 1.22.1
Size 80MB
Requires Android 4.3+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update March 13, 2022 (2 months ago )

Punishing: Gray Raven sets the scene in a world going through the apocalypse. Everywhere appeared a series of crazy robots attacking humans. The source of this terrible disaster is the evil conspiracy of the dark forces. They build harmful machines to level the whole earth. Turn this place back to the dark, chaotic, lifeless period. Join the gameplay, you will transform into a mighty warrior, possessing extraordinary strength. Able to fight to stop the bad situation, bring peaceful freedom to mankind. Be equipped with the most modern, advanced weapons and body armor. Ready to embark on a dangerous journey, perform noble tasks. In particular, players can collect talented, like-minded heroes. Support, coordinate with each other to complete challenges more easily. Remember that the enemy is extremely strong, the giant iron-skinned beasts. To defeat all of them is indeed very difficult, it takes a lot of effort. Therefore, create reasonable battles, always thinking carefully in every step. Know how to take advantage of loopholes, win over, quickly knockdown. Hard training helps to improve combat skills and gain experience. And control the character skillfully, promptly handling unexpected situations in a smart way.

Download Punishing: Gray Raven Mod – Fight with a giant robot army, overthrow the conspiracy of the dark forces

As the lucky one to survive in the ruined world, spend this. The most important thing to do now is to stand up and fight. Can’t let the bad guys go on and on, stealing everything so blatantly. With the available power combined with modern weapons in hand to move forward. Beat them to pieces, proving that humans are not easily subdued and resigned. Punishing: Gray Raven Mod has simple, accessible controls that help you adapt quickly. Move the character to every place to destroy each monstrous robot name. They are always hiding in the dark, suddenly attacking the player at any time. Therefore, must be very careful, high alert, always ready to fight. When meeting an enemy, use the fire button, releasing bullets like a continuous storm. At the same time, use the Joystick to move the character to dodge lasers and enemy damage. Take advantage of the weak point, launch a fatal blow, finish neatly. Try to destroy as many robots as to get huge bonuses. Feel free to unlock heavier, more destructive combat vehicles. Collect precious items on the way. Help increase strength, heal quickly, destroy obstacles, etc. Confidently defeat the big boss, conquer difficult copies.

Punishing Gray Raven mod


The battles in Punishing: Gray Raven Mod brings together mankind’s most advanced fighting vehicles. The system will provide modern weapons with unimaginable destructive power. Help players confidently enter the battle, destroy the enemy easily. For example Machine guns, rifles, firearms, swords, cannons, etc. All are designed based on reality, giving you the most authentic experience. Especially in the gameplay, there is also the appearance of planes, helicopters, tanks, helping players move easily. In addition, to protect the character’s body safely, it is indispensable to have items such as Armor, shoes, hats, first aid boxes, etc. Be fully equipped with the best things for the warrior, easy to defeat the enemy.

Punishing Gray Raven mod apk

Various missions

So that players do not feel bored when experiencing for a long time. Gameplay designed a diverse mission system, the difficulty level increases over time. In addition to the main job of destroying robots, you will have to perform secondary challenges such as: Searching for documents, rescuing hostages, collecting items, etc. Especially having the opportunity to compete with gamers around the world. world in PvP matches. Do your best to take the top spot and assert your fighting talent. After each level, the character will be leveled up, improving the resistance, damage, and attack speed. And get new skills such as Flying, stealth, blocking lasers, etc… Enough level to defeat big, stronger robots.

Punishing Gray Raven game mod

Quality graphics

The battle in Punishing: Gray Raven Mod is simulated through quality smooth footage. The gameplay is built on 3D graphics, so all images are extremely sharp. Beautiful, dazzling light effects appear when explosions, lasers, bullets, etc. are rich in combat locations, for players to explore. The scene is somewhat shabby, rudimentary with gloomy tones as the main theme. Described the truly tragic, tragic truth in the apocalypse. The sound system is carefully built, helping you feel every sound. Exciting, dramatic background music contributes to making the battle atmosphere more epic and spectacular.

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Is it a fighting game mixed with sci-fi elements? Surely Punishing: Gray Raven will bring a new breeze and exciting experience to players. Invite friends and colleagues to join, conquer the unique battle screen. Enjoy the satisfaction of taking down giant robot names. Download Punishing: Gray Raven Mod to save the lives of mankind in the apocalypse.

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