PugWars Mod APK 1.4.23 (Unlimited Money)
PugWars Mod APK 1.4.23 (Unlimited Money)

PugWars Mod APK 1.4.23 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - December 13, 2021
Name PugWars
Version 1.4.23
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 65MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher ChaloApps
Update December 13, 2021 (1 month ago )

Join the action shooting game in the title PugWars Mod. You will transform into a dog. With the task of fighting with the blue cats. In a large battlefield, set in many different areas. There will be clashes and competitions of gunmen. The dogs and cats are equipped with unique guns. Attack each other to win. The game is designed with 3D Sandbox graphics. With environments, scenes, and animal shapes built in the form of Pixels. This is the highlight that has attracted many players. Combines engaging combat gameplay, which takes place in-game modes. Along with valuable rewards after completing the battle. Promises to take you to exciting dog-to-cat shooting battles.

Download PugWars Mod – Shooting War Between Dogs and Cats

Play as a dog in PugWars Mod to participate in battles. Your enemies are blue cats, equipped with a variety of gun systems. In an open battlefield, with real-time shooting gameplay. You will compete with the blue cats through the fight. Using the equipped gun, attack the blue cat force. Fire bullets accurately at targeted targets. Make them die on the battlefield. The fight was dramatic, amid the onslaught of cats and dogs. After the time is over, the fight will stop. The system will be based on the results achieved, through the number of points that kill the enemies of the dog and cat side. The side that kills more enemies gets a higher score. That faction will win, and also receive valuable bonuses.PugWars Mod

Operations during the battle

During the shooting battles of PugWars Mod. Besides focusing on fighting to attack the blue cats. You can also do a lot of different activities. With open gameplay, it is possible to move freely on the battlefield. In addition to the action of jogging to seek goals. You can also control the vehicle. Using a vehicle not only helps you move at a faster speed. But also can flexibly dodge or chase the target easily. What’s more, your dog can perform very high jumping ability. For example, jump on high walls or on the roofs of buildings. At the same time, it is possible to jump from above to the ground without being affected. At the same time, the dog also has the ability to throw grenades to create explosions.Download PugWars Mod

3D environment, Sandbox graphics, sound

As mentioned earlier, the graphics of PugWars Mod are designed on the Sandbox platform. The 3D environment takes place in pixel style. Sharp image quality, clearly depicting each scene on the battlefield. Create impressive animal shapes, along with objects built in the form of a box. Along with vivid shooting effects, clearly showing the flight path. More than that, the effect from the explosions when throwing grenades. Or shelling from military vehicles. Impressively reproduced. Combined with vibrant sound, background music is performed throughout the duration of the battle. Interspersed with the sound of gunfire, explosions when throwing grenades and helicopters. The sound will be changed flexibly in the situations that take place.Game PugWars Mod

7 types of guns, each with its own style

PugWars Mod provides 7 different types of guns. Including AK guns, revolvers, sniper rifles, machine guns, bazookas, and a few more guns. You can equip the dog to attack the blue cats. Each gun has its own attack style. Depends on the situation taking place in the war. Using a suitable gun will give you an advantage in shooting down enemies. For example, sniper rifles can aim very accurately from long distances. Even with a single bullet, you can still take down the enemy. Or a rotating gun, with the advantage of the flexible attack. You can fire continuously before the siege of many enemies. Or a bazooka that can create a huge explosion. Deals damage to a large area.Ear PugWars Mod

Besides the unique guns provided. PugWars Mod also owns a diverse vehicle system. There are a number of types of cars such as cars, trucks, passenger cars, off-road vehicles, supercars, police cars, and motorbikes. Not just cars. The game also has military vehicles such as helicopters, armored tanks. Each vehicle is equipped with a modern weapon system. When used, you can attack with guns mounted on the body of the vehicle. As well as faster transfer speed.

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