By CMB - January 13, 2022
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Publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
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PUBG: NEW STATE is at the top of the best survival games in the world on the Mobile platform. Dramatic, engaging gameplay. Always give gamers a feeling of suspense, highly focused on the match. Starting the game, you will be taken to a very new location. Here everything was destroyed, severely damaged, heavily. Ruined houses, full of dangers. Here, there will be the appearance and convergence of dozens, even hundreds of other players. Each person will be able to choose where they will survive. There are quite a lot of weapons, equipment, armor, items here. Although the city is desolate, it seems quiet, but there are many people behind it. Your every move needs to be carefully observed. Enemies can come from all sides and suddenly attack and knock you down.

Download PUBG: NEW STATE Mod – Survive to the last moment

PUBG: NEW STATE Mod has a special style with an extremely successful combination of the modern and historical world. Players will not have anything in their hands at the beginning of the match. However, there are countless modern guns and vehicles for you to collect. What the player needs to do is quickly move to the locations where the weapons are shown through the map. While moving, look around to see if there are any enemies here. Always be careful not to die in vain. The main scene in the game takes place in the city. So players will feel like they are at war. When the enemy attacks them, if you don’t die, use a bandage to restore health and energy.


Control interface

In general, you will not find this gameplay has much difference in the way of control compared to other survival games. The gameplay is simple and accessible, but you also need to take the time to learn and remember the features of each navigation key. To be able to improve shooting skills, move more smoothly and quickly. Then there is no other way, you have to practice really hard, focus on observing the environment. Customize interface, function keys, fire button, aim, sit, change ammo, etc…. Follow the structure that you feel most familiar with and easy to manipulate.


Game mode

Gameplay has 3 basic game modes for gamers to choose from Arcade, Arena, and survival. When I first started, I think you should choose and experience in arcade mode. Because the difficulty is not too high, the publisher also emphasizes entertainment and relaxation for players. Here will be a place for you to get acquainted with how to control, collect weapons and game rules of the game. The remaining 2 modes will have a slightly higher difficulty. Upgrade yourself, improve your skills by interacting with other players. Each time you defeat an enemy, you will score points. The more points accumulated, the higher the reward at the end of the match will be.

PUBG NEW STATE game mod apk

Diverse viewing angles

With 2 popular and familiar perspectives in the field of survival games, the first and the third. You can easily choose and change according to each situation of the game. Setting up and customizing is also extremely simple and easy, does not take much time. If moving in a natural environment, you should choose the 3rd perspective. Because the large width will help observe many locations, detecting enemies is much easier. When attacking houses or bases that the enemy is hiding. The number 1 perspective will bring more accurate shooting ability.

Beautiful graphics and sound

PUBG: NEW STATE has graphics that are not inferior to any survival game on Mobile. Players can also customize the quality of the frame, the level of graphics suitable for their phone, very simply. The design of industrial parks and cities is very realistic. Create a feeling for gamers like being lost in a new world. Along with that is the high-quality sound background. When wearing headphones, it is easy to see the movement, footsteps, and sound of guns.


The map of PUBG: NEW STATE is simulated in quite a detail and full of locations at each level. If you want to see more clearly, please zoom in again to determine and plan the best move and strategy. Notice the mini-map in the right corner of the screen. When moving, if there are enemies in the range, a red arrow will appear on it. The map also helps you control and capture the terrain of each map easily.

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