Producer: Choose your Star Mod APK 1.84 (Unlimited Money)
Producer: Choose your Star Mod APK 1.84 (Unlimited Money)

Producer: Choose your Star Mod APK 1.84 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 18, 2022
Name Producer: Choose your Star
Version 1.84
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 157MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Amrita Studio
Update January 18, 2022 (1 week ago )

Become a producer in the game Producer: Choose your Star Mod. Your task is to design the costumes for the girls. Grow their career towards the goal of becoming a top star. Take them to training courses to train. Participate in big events with a beautiful appearance, attracting all eyes from people around. The game requires the management skills of a producer. You take contracts from customers, find ways to help them become a top stars. Build image, create a reputation. Use effective communication to spread your star on social networks. Completing the contract, you will receive a bonus. Gradually there will be a chance to become a rich producer. Well known as a manufacturer,

Download Producer: Choose your Star Mod – Help Girls Become Stars

Producer: Choose your Star Mod belongs to the simulation game genre. As a producer, you start your own company. Developing a career as a producer is not easy at all. Especially, it is much more difficult to bring girls to become artists and have names in the showbiz world. Requires the skills of a manager, along with creativity in the working process. Set goals, and find the most effective direction. When your company makes many people famous. That will help improve the reputation of the company. From there, you can reap huge profits from new contracts.Game Producer Choose your Star Mod

Difficulties, participate in training courses and events

In the early stages of Producer: Choose your Star Mod you still have a lot of difficulties. Financing is limited, as well as the ability to invite famous artists is very difficult. Therefore, you start hiring girls with good looks and good body shape. Get them involved in training sessions. Learn the inherent talent of each girl, and develop each one’s abilities. Help them focus their studies on an area that stands out the most. After the training is over, you can take the girls to events. Promote their ability to get people’s attention, create popularity in their own way.Producer Choose your Star Mod

Film and music production

As a producer, you can grow your company in your own way to make girls famous. In Producer: Choose your Star Mod allows movie production and music production. Select the production area you want, then start working. For film production, you can produce TV series or movies. Create outstanding and unique videos that keep everyone entertained. Besides, music production with modern songs. Works that are in line with the times will be noticed by everyone. Depending on the field you choose, producing quality movies or music will be of interest to everyone. From there, the girls in your company will be famous. That means their career will go up.Download Producer Choose your Star Mod

Rotation luck

Come to the lucky spin of Producer: Choose your Star Mod. Players have the opportunity to receive a lot of valuable items. Typical are gold coins, diamonds, reviews, and energy pot. However, the number of spins is limited, up to 25 times. After a certain period of time, your spin will be rolled back. Or luckier during the spin, you hit the energy pot. At that time, the number of spins will increase. Allows you to make more subsequent spins.

Trendy clothes

Clothes are one of the factors that make girls stand out. Each outfit of Producer: Choose your Star Mod is extremely impressively designed. Modern and trendy design and color. When the girls put on one of those outfits, it will become very prominent. However, the value of each outfit is different. The more luxuriously designed clothing, the greater its value. If you want to buy the desired outfit, you will need to spend a corresponding amount.Tai Producer Choose your Star Mod

In Producer: Choose your Star Mod to develop your own production company, indispensable to sponsors. When your company has a reputation, sponsors will automatically come. From there, you can raise a huge amount of capital. Using capital effectively will help your company grow stronger. It is possible to put girls in special training. Invite more professional coaches to train top stars. At the same time, upgrading the equipment in the company to become more modern.

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