Pony City Mod APK 13.38 (Unlimited Gems)
Pony City Mod APK 13.38 (Unlimited Gems)

Pony City Mod APK 13.38 (Unlimited Gems)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Pony City
Version 13.38
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Size 99M
Requires Android 4.1
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Tap Pocket
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Pony City Mod will be an interesting game for those who like dragons. You can own the most unique dragons and take them into super fun turn-based dragon wars. No need to manipulate too much, just click on the screen to choose the type of dragon you like, nurture, upgrade and fight. There are countless types of dragons with different abilities to help you build your legendary dragon base. You can see them hovering all over your base and working like hard fighters. But besides the powerful abilities, they also look extremely cute with their colorful appearance and vivid battle effects. So dragon lovers definitely can’t miss this experience.

Download Pony City Mod – The world of lovely dragons

Pony City is built from the idea of ​​classic dragon training games on mobile phones. However, it has many new interesting points to suit all types of players. It offers bright and colorful game scenes and dragon images of all kinds with shapes that are both fun and mysterious. Unlike other dragon games, this game has a simpler mission system. There are no fancy dungeon battles, just turn-based battles between your dragon army and a few other naughty dragons. So, the battles are now easier so you don’t have to brainstorm battle strategies or make decisions about skills… The dragons will automatically fight and bring you the loot.


Collect dragons and upgrade

Coming to Pony City, you will have the opportunity to discover many species of dragons in the game’s rich collection. Dragons are built on the power of the basic elements of heaven and earth, such as fire, earth, water, and even magic. So, each dragon will bring different energy and power, determining its advantage in each battle. To own a dragon, you will have to use gems and buy them at the store. However, for it to truly become a heroic warrior, you need to upgrade the dragon over time with gold coins. Note, the spawning feature is removed in this game. So only dragon upgrades to evolve.

Dragon raising time is the time you spend money to upgrade. The higher the level, the stronger the dragon will be and can weigh more types of opponents. Besides, the dragon when leveling up will change its appearance, becoming more beautiful and impressive. The development process will help dragons grow more wings, decorate their bodies with more patterns, raise horns, and many other changes. By the last level, you will see that they are really legendary dragon warriors. Not only their strength, but their appearance is also cool. Moreover, each dragon is a separate work of art, no two are the same, creating an extremely rich dragon world.


Grow your dream dragon city

Each dragon has an important role to play in building the dream dragon city. Besides the legendary warrior dragons mentioned above, Pony City Mod also gives you many other dragon images that look more fun. Those are flying little dragons that can mine gold to enrich you. They can bring gold from the cave to the warehouse, build and upgrade buildings in the city. Meanwhile, the warrior dragons can fight to protect the base. All dragons will have such separate missions but must always exist together to ensure every element from construction to crafting, monetization and defense. The player who ensures all those factors is really an experienced dragon breeder.

Over time, you can expand your dragon city to more areas to nurture more dragons. New dragons can be unlocked, upgraded, and become a new member of your city. Just like that, you can even create an ecosystem of dragons with lots of different types and powers. That’s when you are ready for the fiercest battles with the Boss to earn huge loot.


Lovely image, bright background

Every gamer can play Pony City because it’s really fun. It brings dragon images that are both unique and friendly, suitable for the interests of a large number of players, including children. Besides, the game context is also very diverse with many new battlefield scenes such as jungle, beach, … Meanwhile, the battles are described simply to minimize violence. However, the combat effects are still quite vivid with realistic colors, lights, and sounds.

Pony City Mod is an option that cannot be refused. Join it now and you can become a dragon expert. You can own a super collection of dragons with different species from fire dragons to water dragons, earth dragons, magic dragons. A rich and fun dragon ecosystem will make you excited to create the dragon city of your dreams.

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