Polysphere Mod Apk 1.4.11 (Unlock all)
Polysphere Mod Apk 1.4.11 (Unlock all)

Polysphere Mod Apk 1.4.11 (Unlock all)

By trangha94 - August 4, 2022
Name Polysphere
Version 1.4.11
MOD Features Unlock all
Size 102.01MB
Requires Android 5.0, IOS 11.0
Category Games, Puzzle
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update August 4, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Polysphere Mod is known as an attractive jigsaw and puzzle game. It helps children and adults exercise their brains, rich imagination. With simple gameplay, easy controls will keep players hooked in this game. Discover everything about the game through the following article.

Introduction to the puzzle game Polysphere Mod

Introduction to the puzzle game Polysphere Mod

The same company that produced Kick The Buddy and Bowmasters. Playgendary has created and released a new puzzle game in this game. You have to find a way to put the disorganized pieces together into a complete picture. They could be famous artifacts or even a mythical unicorn.

At first glance, the gameplay of Polysphere Mod reminds us of Polygon. This is a famous puzzle game. Just rotate the parts in all directions. From there, will allow you to create a full 3D image. You can play this game with just one finger thanks to the easy controls. The levels in the Polysphere will not have a time limit. So you can try any option to create the whole image.

All Polysphere images are exquisite works of art. It is similar to 3D images. Like you sometimes see at art shows. Building game with beautiful, impressive backgrounds and images. Along with that gentle sound effect, ideal for entertainment.

How to play in Polysphere Mod

How to play in Polysphere Mod

When playing the game Polysphere, the creator will be provided with an image. But it was broken into separate pieces. At the same time, there is no logic. Meanwhile, the colors mix randomly. Your task in the game is: Please touch the phone screen. From there, to start putting them into the full picture. When you move your finger on the game screen, the image will also move.

In addition, colors are organized in three-dimensional stereoscopic space. It allows the player to freely rotate as if holding a real object in space. You will eventually notice. Instead of a jumble of random colors, the image is perfectly colored. In other words, the player will need to put together a collection of pictures. They are made up of many different pieces. There are plenty of pieces for any painting. To gather them, rotate the item and select the appropriate point of view. From there, put the puzzle pieces together to form a picture.

The game will initially display simple images with minimal shading. The more advanced the level, the more difficult the visualization becomes and much more difficult for the multitude of colors screwed up. To locate the ideal aiming point, the player must rotate 360 degrees; Once found, the painting will be immediately complete.

Some of the perfect features at Polysphere

Join Polysphere Mod, you will experience the attractive features brought by the game:

Discover super beautiful artistic photos

The photos in the game are all beautiful works of art. It’s like 3D photos in art galleries. So, help you both relax and enjoy the beautiful and unique images

Anyone can play because of the simple dark design

Anyone can play because of the simple dark design

Polysphere Mod is quite easy to understand how to play and simple to manipulate. Therefore, the game is very suitable for anyone to join. Even the subject is children.

Many consecutive, difficult challenges for players

With all the attractive settings and possibilities. Sure, there are a lot of obstacles in the game. It provides a lot of fun to let you experience the spirit of playing specifically. You should engage your imagination to the fullest extent. And try to play at the hardest level.

Still playing comfortably even without internet

You can play the game with or without using the Internet. And remember, you should never skip the progress in the game.

Can play with friends

Polysphere Mod allows you to join the game with your friends. Thus, making the experience of Polysphere more attractive and interesting.

Frequently asked questions in Polysphere Mod

Frequently asked questions in Polysphere Mod

1. How can you unlock every image in the Polysphere?

There are absolutely no specific instructions for you. To assist you in unlocking the photos in the polysphere. To display hidden images. job

You just need to swipe the screen in different directions.

2. Can the Polysphere let children play? What age is suitable?

Polysphere Mod is confirmed by the manufacturer to be able to play with children. However, the recommended age to play is from 4 years old and up.

3. How many levels does the Polysphere have?

Because the game is updated regularly, it is not possible to know the exact number of games in total.

Download Polysphere Mod for Android, IOS

Polysphere now has a download link placed below this article by Lmhmod.com . If you are curious and want to try it, download it and experience it for yourself. Some similar games you can play are: Art Puzzle, 10Cube, Tile Fun


Thus, Lmhmod.com has just informed you about the game Polysphere Mod. Hopefully, you can refer carefully to play the most successful and fun.

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