Pokémon GO Mod APK 0.241.0 (Teleport/Joystick)
Pokémon GO Mod APK 0.241.0 (Teleport/Joystick)

Pokémon GO Mod APK 0.241.0 (Teleport/Joystick)

By CMB - June 23, 2022
Name Pokémon GO
Version 0.241.0
MOD Features Teleport/Joystick
Size 285MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Adventure, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Niantic, Inc.
Genre ,
Update June 23, 2022 (6 days ago )

Pokémon is a famous Japanese cartoon and is loved by many people around the world. Taking advantage of its popularity and engaging content, publishers have been introduced it into the gaming world. If you are a fan of Pokemon, don’t miss Pokémon GO. Participating in the gameplay, the player is tasked with using the Pokeball to find and capture Pokemon along the way.

They are scattered everywhere so you will have to move a lot. Find yourself the most outstanding Pokemon to accompany your adventure. And train it to become stronger and more talented. Can participate in battles with other Pokemon. Equip your Pokemon with knowledge and fighting skills, using smart moves. Defeat all opponents and you will be the winner. The gameplay has simple gameplay, so it is suitable for all ages. Exciting missions and 2D graphics will not disappoint fans.

Download Pokémon GO Mod – Adventure journey to new lands with Pokemon

Pokémon GO Mod opens a competition among gamers to find out who can train the most talented Pokemon. You will have to practice regularly to control it masterfully and according to your will. Can participate in exchange matches to learn experience. Perform system-assigned tasks to receive lots of bonuses. Enjoy shopping for modern equipment for your Pokemon. In addition, its strength and combat skills will also be upgraded. Players can join teams to participate in battles and collect items.

They will help you increase to higher levels. Adventure with Pokemon to many places and discover new things. You will have an understanding of the character’s habits and habits. Every week, the system will open a contest to find out who understands Pokemon the most. This is an opportunity for players to reveal their accumulated knowledge base. If you win, you will have a lot of advantages when participating in large-scale matches of Pokemon.

Pokémon GO mod

Style play Pokémon GO Mod

Players will have to find and collect Pokemon. Then train them properly and upgrade them. Take them to matches in the gym. You will optionally choose your team, including 3 teams: Instinct (yellow), Instinct (yellow), or Valor (red). Let’s fight hard to bring victory to the team. Going through many matches will help Pokemon become more mature and confident in matches. Players can send it to the gym to improve fitness and also to build patience and endurance when performing tasks.

Pokémon GO mod apk

Compete with opponents

Players will have to participate in battles to destroy monsters with other Pokemon. Whoever kills the most monsters wins. You will have to focus, try and take every opportunity to take down all the monsters. All operations must be very quick to destroy a large number. Your opponent is extremely strong and experienced, so it cannot be underestimated. And when fighting monsters, don’t get hurt or you will lose points.


In Pokémon GO Mod, there are many types, including Water-type, tree-type, and fire-type. You will follow these factors to easily find them. They also depend on weather factors a lot on their appearance. Water-type Pokemon will appear a lot in rivers and streams. And those of the fire type often appear when there is sunlight. And belonging to the tree system will appear in parks and grasslands. Players need to know all these rules to find and collect all Pokemon quickly. Not only is there a task to collect Pokemon, but you also have to find items. Because they have a lot of functions such as Upgrade, restore physical strength, etc.

Graphics and Sound

Pokémon GO Mod is designed with 2D graphics for players to have the most realistic experience. Shapes of Pokemon in a variety of colors and shapes. Players can freely choose for themselves the most outstanding and favorite one. The scene in the game is beautiful with harmonious colors. Many interesting places to explore such as highlands, deserts, forests, etc. Extremely rich sounds of different types of Pokemon and creatures in the game. The fun background music makes the adventure even more interesting and engaging.

Pokémon GO will give players the opportunity to experience the feeling of training Pokemon. Train them in their own way, so that it becomes the most outstanding Pokemon. Take part in fierce battles with monsters and surpass your opponents. Download Pokémon GO Mod to train Pokemon to be the strongest and join your world adventure.

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