Download the Pikachu classic online free 4.1 for Android iOs
Download the Pikachu classic online free 4.1 for Android iOs

Download the Pikachu classic online free 4.1 for Android iOs

By lyly - May 24, 2022
Name Pikachu Classic
Version 4.1
MOD Features N/A
Size 4.07M
Requires Android
Category Games, Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Dass Studio
Genre ,
Update May 24, 2022 (1 month ago )

Pikachu Classic sounds nostalgic. The familiar gameplay and graphics are unmatched by any other version. 

About Classic Pikachu

I am from the 9x generation who is writing these lines and am really a Fan of Pikachu Classic. If you are a young generation Z later, try once to experience the once stormy game of this 8z 9x generation. 

From 2003 years ago the Pikachu Classic was fun, a mini game that hurt the eyes of schoolchildren, students, and office workers. This is a classic PC game series for a while. The hotness has now decreased, but the fun of the gameplay remains forever. 

This is a series of games originating in Japan, taking the image of animals in the famous manga / cartoon Pokemon. The name of the game is also the name of the main character in that series/cartoon. Pikachu Classic you can play online on web browsers or offline on the computer. Today, you can download it to your phone to play for your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

How to play classic

Pikachu Classic was developed more than 20 years ago, so the gameplay is quite simple. But it must be said that the simpler something is, the more attractive it must be. When you enter the game, you have to play until the end of the game to stop.

  • If you play on PC: Your job is to look and use the mouse to find the shape of two similar animals. Then connect 2 similar animals if there are no obstacles you will eliminate them. Continue like this until you eliminate all the animals to pass the new level. Each screen will have a different way to teleport. For example, it will drop, push up, or corner to the right, to the left,… You must finish before time runs out, Pikachu Classic has a time limit for each screen.
  • If you play on Mobile: How to play the game rules are the same. The only difference is that instead of playing with a mouse on your computer, you can play with your fingers on your phone. Just touch the screen to play. Very simple.

Currently, there have been many mutant games from the Pikachu Classic that change the image but still keep the gameplay. Some of the changes can be mentioned as:

  • There are more networks to play 
  • . More vibrant, vivid sound and images
  • Compatible with more operating systems
  • The arrangement of cells in the search table is more diverse

But despite changes such as Either way, I still think the Pikachu Classic is the best.

Features in the game

Besides the simple and easy to understand gameplay, the Pikachu Classic also has some other features such as: 

  • There are different levels of play, upgrading according to the difficulty
  • There is a feature of suggesting answers 
  • Pause, Save the current game the 
  • sound can be muted or the volume can be adjusted.
  • Super light game capacity

1. Is the Pikachu Classic safe for your Android phone?

The answer is yes. The APK version of Pikachu Classic only tweaked some features to give you a smoother experience. You should download the APK file on just to be safe.

2. Is Pikachu Classic a scam?

Pikachu Classic is a traditional, legendary, entertaining game with no fraud.

3. Is the Pikachu Classic playable on PC? 

You can play. We have a PC version for you in the download section.

Download now Pikachu Classic for Android, iOS

Pikachu Classic deserves to be played once in your life. Don’t play Pikachu Classic , you won’t respect it. You can download it right on LMHMod to play right away, experience and see if what I say is true.

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