Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK 0.8.12 (Unlimited Coins)
Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK 0.8.12 (Unlimited Coins)

Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK 0.8.12 (Unlimited Coins)

By CBCC - November 4, 2021
Name Pencil Rush 3D
Version 0.8.12
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 89MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher Gismart
Update November 4, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

Life is developing more and more, with the increasing demand for entertainment, a lot of games are created. Full of different genres, with infinite human ideas, building many games with extremely unique gameplay. Pencil Rush 3D Mod developed by Gismart is a typical example. Although the gameplay is extremely simple, it only revolves around a few pens with many unique colors. But it brings an interesting experience that is hard to describe. You will be participating in the journey of the pens, moving forward. Draw lines with full color on long white pages, by avoiding obstacles that appear continuously. As well as while moving, you can also collect other pens to increase your ability to survive when entangled in obstacles. And get to the finish line.

Download Pencil Rush 3D Mod – Draw the Road to the Destination

In Pencil Rush 3D Mod you will be able to control the pencil with arbitrary color, how to make it reach the final destination. In the beginning, each new match started with a single pen. Then try to move skillfully, collect more similar ones. From there you will be increased in size, aligned like a barrier. Yes, you will find it very difficult to avoid obstacles, but that is how the game plays. This will challenge the player’s ability when with just a little resistance, it can be overcome. While still earning extra pens to add points, add more lines to the paper. Form a picture, trace the way to the destination and score a high result. Make a mark when simultaneously bringing a number of pens to the finish line, forming a collection.Pencil Rush 3D Mod

Interesting Obstacles

The point makes the Pencil Rush 3D Mod game more interesting and attractive to everyone. Those are the obstacles on the way. A new idea in design, using only simple objects, simple items to make obstacles. Imagine, the developer uses a vase of flowers placed in the middle of the road, or a book, a camera. The cups for water, with just a few colored glasses, also turn into a challenge to prevent you from reaching the finish line. Truly creativity is limitless, with just a little thought, it is possible to turn seemingly ordinary things. Create items to bring unique colors to the players.Ear Pencil Rush 3D Mod

With Many Levels

New players do not think that Pencil Rush 3D Mod gameplay is simple, can be easily played, overcome challenges. When you play, you will see the difficulty that the game brings, when you have to overcome countless obstacles to reach the finish line. It can also increase the level of obstacles on the way up, creating narrow spaces just enough to pass through. But that’s nothing, don’t think that’s the end. Not only stopping with such a path but also many other challenges. Different levels need to be passed, and the difficulty is continuously increased. At each level, everything is different, the positions of obstacles, the curvature of the road are also changed.Download Pencil Rush 3D Mod

Funny Graphics, Sound

Pencil Rush 3D Mod creates graphics in a special way, taking bright colors as the main theme. Make players feel the most comfortable mood when participating in each match. Items used as obstructions, pens constructed in different colors. As such, they are also placed on the white moving path, making it stand out from many other games. Although it is so simple, with just a little color scheme, the beauty of the game cannot be denied, it is still designed sharp from all sides. Or at the end of the finish line, there are different pictures to stimulate each player to reach the end to discover what it is. Sound is also the part that makes up the whole selection, makes the game more interesting, the music is fun with a large number.Pencil Rush 3D Mod

Pencil Rush 3D Mod does not have too many things, only with a single game, move, race to get to the end. Your items in the game are just as simple as a crayon at the beginning. But there are also things in the game that need money to do it. For example, the number of pens available from the beginning, their quality all need to be upgraded. To get a little more also costs a lot of money, with the original you need to play for a long time to get enough to upgrade. But with this version, it has been installed with a useful feature for players. It’s the Unlimited Money Mod, which can be considered as an almost free upgrade. Make it easier for you to pass each level, bringing a whole collection of pencils with different colors to the finish line.

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