Path of Immortals Mod APK (God Mode)
Path of Immortals Mod APK (God Mode)

Path of Immortals Mod APK (God Mode)

By CBCC - January 13, 2022
Name Path of Immortals
MOD Features God Mode
Size 97MB
Requires Android 4.2
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Mechanist Games
Update January 13, 2022 (3 days ago )

Join the battles of heroes in the game Path of Immortals Mod. Players will play the role of a hero. Enter the battles in the arena. With the mission to destroy the monsters. Here, the story revolves around the hero’s life in the mortal realm. In the journey to find the way to eternal life. They will have to fight monsters to achieve their wish. Accomplish tasks, exceed your limits. The game is opened in an impressive fantasy world. Revolving around fierce battles between heroes and monsters. Held in many different areas. Only when defeating all monsters in the journey. The new hero can continue the path towards eternal life.

Download Path of Immortals Mod – The Hero’s Journey To Eternal Life

In Path of Immortals Mod, there are 3 heroes. Including Berserker, a gladiator with a hammer, with a muscular appearance. Can create powerful attacks. The Druid, a tree monster, possesses magical powers. Finally, there is Hunter, an archer. Possesses a bow, capable of attacking from long distances. Each hero is designed with an impressive appearance. Bring your own fighting style. Along with that are unique combat skills. Through battles, the hero will learn new moves. To be able to harness the full power of your hero. Players need to improve their fighting skills in each fight. Attack enemies with skills learned each time you level up.Tai Path of Immortals Mod

Passing gameplay, increasing difficulty

Play as a hero to start participating in the battle of the Path of Immortals Mod. The gameplay takes place in the style of overcoming obstacles. Each fight is divided into several small matches. With the appearance of many monsters. Your mission is to defeat all enemies to continue to the next match. At the same time, the difficulty also increases gradually every time you enter a new match. Many new monsters appear, the attack power is superior to before. Along with the number of enemies increased. They will rush to attack or shoot bullets from a long distance. Makes you a lot harder to beat. Overcome each challenge in turn, destroying all enemies in small battles. Complete the fight to end the mission with excellent achievement. From there, you will get rewards to increase the hero’s strength.Download Path of Immortals Mod

Learn new skills, collect gold coins and gems

During the fight at Path of Immortals Mod. Heroes will gain experience points every time they defeat an enemy. After reaching a new level, the hero will learn new skills. Depends on your fighting style. It is possible to choose a suitable move to develop the hero’s strength. Over time battles take place at difficult levels. The hero’s level will increase day by day. From there will learn many strong fighting skills. Can deal massive damage when attacking enemies. Along with that, every time you defeat an enemy. They will drop gold coins and gems. You can pick it up to use on many shopping activities and upgrades. Especially when defeating the boss on some levels. You also have the opportunity to collect equipment.Path of Immortals Mod

Various enemies, face the boss

Coming to Path of Immortals Mod hero will face a lot of different enemies. The zombies and straw people will rush to attack directly. The man-eating flower plants will shoot spiked bullets from a distance. Or beasts, monsters with many unique attack styles. More specifically, in certain levels of play. You will face 1vs1 with the giant boss. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary enemies. With a larger size, as well as more damage. Each boss-type has its own fighting style. For example, flower boss eats meat, attacks continuously with spike bullets. The straw man boss attacks with jumps that shake the ground. Facing the boss requires the flexible skills of the hero to be able to defeat.Game Path of Immortals Mod

Heroes in Path of Immortals Mod are equipped with 6 different items. Includes weapons, armor, boots, belts, helmets, and chains. Each piece of equipment helps the hero increase combat stats. Includes damage, defense, and health stats. At the same time, the equipment also changes the hero’s appearance. Combine with skills learned every time you level up. From there, the hero can enter dramatic battles. Fight countless powerful enemies, face giant bosses. Can easily win to complete the mission.

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