Part Time UFO Mod APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)
Part Time UFO Mod APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

Part Time UFO Mod APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Part Time UFO
Version 1.2.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 53MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Part Time UFO Mod is a paid action game. Built-in UFO theme. Open up the fun entertainment screen. Combined with the element of arranging objects. The content of the game revolves around a UFO working part-time. With the task of lifting all objects to move to a new location. Especially, the jobs that humans can’t do. UFOs can be done. At the same time, the goal of UFOs make a lot of money. From assisting people who are having difficulty moving objects. Through each object is lifted and moved to another location. From there will receive the amount corresponding to the size and weight of the object. At the same time after completing the task. UFOs are also gifted with valuable items by humans.

Download Part Time UFO Mod – Control UFO Part Time Work

The gameplay of Part Time UFO Mod is extremely interesting. Here, your mission is to control the UFO to start work. Perform activities that move objects to support people. Help them solve the problem of lifting and lowering heavy objects to another location. Through the mechanism of action of UFOs. Use a cable tie, with a hook. Capable of clamping everything to lift in the air. Flexible use of UFO’s ability to perform tasks effectively. By controlling the UFO to move to the right position of the object. Then release the hook to lift the object. Retract the cable and move it to another location. As soon as the object drops to a new location. You will get a bonus. Continue working until the task is completed. From there, there will be a chance to get more items from humans.Part Time UFO Mod

Many quests, characters

The mission of Part Time UFO Mod is according to each level of play. Each mission takes place in real-time. With a wide range of work, taking place in many different locations. Along with interesting topics for you to explore. Includes helping at a farm, building castles. Support the cheerleaders, cook desserts at a big restaurant. Or assist the driver who dropped heavy objects. There are many other unique missions. Through each level play after completing. You will start a new quest. Along with that, during the course of the tasks. Your UFO will meet many different characters. For example a tight-lipped captain, a fish professor, a hamster, a dog, even a whale. Or a clumsy museum curator. They will cheer while the UFO does the job.Game Part Time UFO Mod

Note the time

UFO in Part Time UFO Mod works part-time. Therefore, no matter what job you do. You need to note the time. As each level takes place, the time will be limited. After the timer counts down to zero. Still can’t complete the job, which means the mission failed. On the contrary, complete the task as soon as possible. From there will receive human gifts. During the process, after each lifting and lowering an object to another position. You will receive a corresponding amount. With that, time will be added. Give the UFO more time to get back to work. The difficulty of the game doesn’t just happen during the quest. It also increases with each level of play. Every time starting a new job, not only time pressure. And the amount of work is also more than before.Ear Part Time UFO Mod

Change your look

Through the equipment system provided by Part Time UFO Mod. With so many different items to choose from. It is possible to change the appearance of UFOs. With a number of styles such as berretta, Cappellini con Leica, Chinatown, samurai, etc., there are many others. Each item when equipped with a UFO not only changes its appearance. It also brings with it a new ability. Helping UFOs do their jobs more efficiently. However, the equipment is not free to use. Instead will have to use the money to buy. Each piece of equipment requires a separate amount. The rarer the equipment, the more unique the ability. Will need more money to unlock. Use money accumulated from previous missions. You can choose a favorite item to change the appearance of the UFO.Download Part Time UFO Mod

The graphics of Part Time UFO Mod are quite simple. Designed only as 2D graphics. However, the environment that takes place at each level is still very impressive. Although the image is not sharp. But the color quality is bright. Combined with the operation of the UFO is very flexible. At the same time, the expression is also shown when lifting heavy objects. The characters meet in each mission. They also have interesting reactions every time the UFO does the job. Sigh when you fail, or cheer for extra motivation. Besides, the sound is fun, with fun music melodies. Make you feel comfortable to work more efficiently.

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