Parking King Mod APK 1.0.26 (Unlimited Money)
Parking King Mod APK 1.0.26 (Unlimited Money)

Parking King Mod APK 1.0.26 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 11, 2022
Name Parking King
Version 1.0.9
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 33MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher mobirix
Update January 11, 2022 (6 days ago )

Parking King Mod is a parking simulation game. Open up exciting levels of play in many different terrains. Here, your task is to control the car. Park the vehicle exactly in the required position to complete the contest. Games are not just for entertainment. It also helps you to improve your real driving skills. Through many different parking positions. Get the game simulated from real-life situations. Besides, to increase the authentic experience for players. The developer mobirix has designed an intuitive control interface. Not only easy to perform driving actions. It also simulates each operating feature in detail. Simultaneously incorporate realistic 3D graphics. Recreate driving and parking on the road. Makes you feel like driving a real car.

Download Parking King Mod – Parking Simulation Game In Various Terrain

Follow each mission that takes place in Parking King Mod. You will control a car. Move along the indicated route. Through the arrow guidance system. Collect golden stars during driving. Then park the car exactly in the required location. From there will complete the task. Achievements are based on the number of stars, each level can be up to 3 stars. With each level increasing day by day. The difficulty in parking levels has also increased. In the first stage, you only need to park your car at one location. But later on, you will have to park at many locations. Not only that, there are many other obstacles as well. Vehicles or objects appear near the parking position. Make it difficult for you to drive into the correct position.Parking King Mod

The process of driving into a parking position

During the parking process, which takes place in the levels of the Parking King Mod. Requires your driving skills to operate on the road. Do not collide with parked vehicles. Or the roadside railing. Combine first-person and third-person observations. Drive flexibly, safely forward, or reverse to park in the right spot. At the same time collect the gold star that appears on the road to be able to achieve high achievements. Each level is getting more and more difficult. You need to improve your experience in parking situations. Constantly improving control skills for flexible driving. Apply practical knowledge to each activity taking place in the game. From there it is possible to complete the parking mission with excellent achievements.Download Parking King Mod

First and third-person view

As said earlier, Parking King Mod uses two perspectives. Includes third-person and first-person perspectives. Each view gives you a different driving experience. From a first-person perspective. You will be driving the car from the inside view. The display screen can be observed in the vehicle. Including the travel speed and rpm of the machine. However, this viewing angle is limited in terms of visibility. But it gives a real feeling. Besides, the third-person perspective has an overall view. Easily observe the surrounding terrain. As well as track every movement of the vehicle when rolling. Depends on your own play style. Can choose a suitable viewing angle. From there, it will feel more enjoyable, bring high efficiency to the parking process.Game Parking King Mod

Vehicle control system

The control system of Parking King Mod is shown through its own unique icons. Including brake pedal, accelerator, steering wheel, and automatic transmission. Each of these features plays a very important role. So that cars can operate flexibly on the road. As well as parking the car exactly in the right place. You need a flexible mix of control features. The brake pedal is used to slow down and stop. The brake pedal increases speed, helping the car move forward. The steering wheel is used to navigate the vehicle’s movement. However, all control operations need to go through an automatic transmission. If you want the car to move, forward or reverse. You need to move the gear lever corresponding to each letter on the gearbox. For example, D for forward, R for reverse. After returning to P, it means you will assign a parking position to finish the mission.Parking King Mod

If you want to challenge parking skills with a higher level. Can participate in the challenge mode of Parking King Mod. Here, the system will support the multiplayer feature. Helps you to compete with other players. Compare parking skills accurately to achieve the highest score, find the winner. In addition, a rating feature is also provided. Win against other opponents in parking levels. You will be shown on the leaderboard, with an impressive string of achievements.

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