One Piece Bounty Rush Mod APK 43100 (Menu, Dumb enemy, No CD)
One Piece Bounty Rush Mod APK 43100 (Menu, Dumb enemy, No CD)

One Piece Bounty Rush Mod APK 43100 (Menu, Dumb enemy, No CD)

By CBCC - October 14, 2021
Name ONE PIECE Bounty Rush
Version 42000
MOD Features Menu, Dumb enemy, No CD
Size 136MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Update October 14, 2021 (1 week ago )

One Piece Bounty Rush Mod is an action game, published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Inspired by the famous anime series by Oda Eiichiro, it is One Piece. Players are involved in pirate wars, competing for precious treasures. Become Straw Hat Luffy or other pirates in the world of One Piece, enter the dramatic 4vs4 battle. With the task of defeating the opposing team, get the treasure in real-time combat. Promises to bring the best experience. Help players have moments of relaxation and entertainment in their spare time.

Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod – Fierce Battle Between Famous Pirates In One Piece

One Piece Bounty Rush Mod opens the wars in the New World. Play the role of pirate Luffy Straw Hat, participate in dramatic battles. The game is set in a familiar context from the battles in One Piece. You will participate in an extremely attractive and fierce 4vs4 war. Each battle takes place with a maximum time of 3 minutes. Your mission is to capture the area, by planting pirate flags on the locations that have been passed. In the process, you can collect more treasures to get more points. However, you will have to fight other pirates. They are very strong, each possessing the unique skills of each pirate in One Piece. So, if you want to win, you and your teammates need to have a suitable strategy. Just win 3 out of 5 regions, your team can win.Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod APK

Exciting game mode

The game offers you 3 game modes. Each mode brings a unique experience and emotion. At first, One Piece Bounty Rush Mod takes you into alliance mode. Here, you will have to join your teammates to get the treasure on the map. For challenge mode, the gameplay is similar to alliance mode. However, you cannot control the pirate at will, but can only choose from a number of available pirates. Finally, in the Boss Battle mode, enter the challenging battle. With the task of defeating the boss to win. Each battle after the end, you will receive experience points and a lot of valuable rewards.Game One Piece Bounty Rush Mod

Character system and combat ability

Characters in One Piece Bounty Rush Mod are pirates from the famous One Piece movie. Each pirate is depicted in anime style, from appearance, skills, and voice. In particular, each pirate possesses 3 different fighting abilities including damage, defense, and speed. The game gives you a lot of familiar pirates. For example, members of the Straw Hat Pirates, typically Luffy, Zozo, Sanji, etc., or some other pirates like Doflamingo, Mihawk, etc., even the Four Emperors. Besides, you can arrange a strong battle formation, by combining the pirates on the same team. In addition to some available pirates, if you want to own more pirates, you need to spend money to buy. Or collect puzzle pieces from battles, combine them together to unlock.One Piece Bounty Rush Mod APK

Various currencies tệ

In One Piece Bounty Rush Mod, there are 3 different currencies. Each currency has its own function, you can only use them to buy certain items. Battle Points are the base currency, used to purchase character puzzle pieces. Or buy the materials needed to put the puzzle pieces together into a character. You can get it from alliance battles. Next up are diamonds, which are of the more premium currency. They are used to purchase characters in the shop. The last is gold, which you can collect from alliance battles. They are extremely rare, used in exchange for special items in many exciting events. Regardless of the currency, you must use it wisely. Because it is not easy to collect them.Ear One Piece Bounty Rush Mod APK

Lots of familiar arenas

The arena in One Piece Bounty Rush Mod is inspired by the movie One Piece. The battles are reproduced very realistically, giving players a feeling of familiarity and closeness. For example, the war in Arabasta kingdom, fish-man island, Dressrosa country, etc. Or most recently, the battle on Zou island and the Wano Kingdom. In particular, the developer constantly updates the new arena, helping you explore many different lands.

Participating in the war of One Piece Bounty Rush Mod you will have to control the character to fight. The game uses joystick virtual keys to navigate the character’s movement. It is arranged in the left corner of the screen, making it easy to use. The right side of the screen displays 4 corresponding skills. However, when using skills, you will consume mana and take a while to recover. During that time, you can use physical attacks to attack the opponent.

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