Offroad Simulator Online Mod APK 3.95 (Unlocked Cars, VIP)

By CBCC - September 15, 2021
Offroad Simulator Online Mod APK 3.95 (Unlocked Cars, VIP)
Name Offroad Simulator Online
Version 3.95
MOD Features Unlocked Cars, VIP
Size 67MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher GameTOV
Update September 15, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Take part in the online racing of Offroad Simulator Online Mod. Players enjoy the feeling of driving unique off-road vehicles. Cross difficult valleys, face treacherous terrain. Especially competing directly with racers from many countries around the world. Show off the skills of a professional offroad racer. Skillfully overcome all obstacles and win convincingly. With the goal of climbing the rankings, achieving the best results. Not only that, you have the opportunity to discover many unique cars. From off-road vehicles specialized for off-road use to impressive SUVs. Complete the races with the lead. Gradually you will own yourself a rich collection of cars.

Download Offroad Simulator Online Mod – Online Offroad Racing With Other Racers

The game is simulated in detail the process of driving offroad vehicles to overcome difficult terrain. Not only that, Offroad Simulator Online Mod opens the race with other racers. There are no flat tracks for you to show off your speed. Or maybe perform the ultimate drift skill. Instead, there are races that focus on off-road elements. Follow the craggy cliffs, cross fast-flowing rivers. Or even go through swamps with the gradual sinking of the mud, making the wheels slippery. What’s more, go deeper into the online races. You will have the opportunity to explore many new lands, adventure on arduous journeys. Overcome all terrains in the fastest way, race against time to finish before the remaining opponents.Download Offroad Simulator Online Mod

Race up to 10 people, limit going into difficult terrain

In the race of Offroad Simulator Online Mod can hold up to 10 players. They are all online offroad racers, coming from many different places. Possessing skillful offroad driving skills, as well as owning a unique offroad vehicle. You and the rest of the opponents compete directly on a large map. You can freely drive to many different locations. Overcome all obstacles that appear on the road. Find the shortest path and limit going into rivers or swamps. Because they will slow down your car. Cause the race to be interrupted while giving other riders a chance to pass. Furthermore, be aware of the mountainous terrain. High or bumpy slopes will limit the speed of the offroad vehicle. Try to move on the most beautiful roads.Game Offroad Simulator Online Mod

8×8 truck race, practical knowledge application

Besides 4×4 off-road races with offroad cars or SUVs. Offroad Simulator Online Mod also provides players with an 8×8 terrain race. Control huge trucks, pulling cargo with huge loads. Move-in a challenging environment with treacherous terrains. The slightest mistake or moving the vehicle into a valley or steep slope will put you in danger. Even paying for his mistake by watching the car overturned. To troubleshoot or want to drive safely. Let’s apply practical knowledge, drive on flat roads. Limit when going on dangerous roads. At the same time must ensure the time, as well as the way to the destination.Offroad Simulator Online Mod

Offroad vehicle system

Owning a diverse vehicle system, from 4×4 offroad cars, SUVs to unique 8×8 trucks. Players can freely choose and explore many different cars. Use the money accumulated from the off-road races of Offroad Simulator Online Mod. Choose and unlock a favorite car. Join them in the next races. This helps you increase the enjoyment of driving the desired vehicle. Win against other opponents with the lead. Besides, each offroad vehicle is inspired by reality by the GameTOV developer. Exterior, engine, performance are designed to be extremely realistic.


In addition to owning a rich car collection. Players also have to upgrade to help the offroad vehicle increase its performance. Upgrade the engine to increase power, change specialized tires to increase wheel friction. What’s more, you can change the exterior of your vehicle by choosing from a variety of paint colors.Tai Offroad Simulator Online Mod

Offroad Simulator Online Mod also provides a lot of interesting features. Players can message, chat with other players through the chat feature. Or a simple control mechanism, with the optimally arranged interface. Help you easily control the car without too much difficulty. Combined with realistic effects when moving during the race. For example, when the car goes into the swamp, the wheel rotates due to the slip, causing the vermicelli to shoot. Along with the quality, sound is shown through the roar of the engine when the car is operating.

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