Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod APK 1.0.22 (Free Shopping)
Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod APK 1.0.22 (Free Shopping)

Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod APK 1.0.22 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - March 14, 2022
Name Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s
Version 1.0.22
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 58MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Mageeks Apps & Games
Update March 14, 2022 (2 months ago )

Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod is designed on an expanded map model. Bring players to extremely exciting offroad races. Here, speed is not the main factor to help you win. It is the driving skills and knowledge of a professional driver that will help you do that. Spend some time in the garage to customize the engine and upgrade it to help the car overcome the terrain with ease. Take part in offroad races with top racers. Compete directly with 4×4 cars to reach the finish line. Explore the vast map in the harsh environment, be able to move freely, and do whatever you like. A series of exciting features and a lot of offroad racer work are waiting for you to discover. Try to overcome all challenges to become a professional racing driver.

Download Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod – Join Offroad Racing

There are no speed races or unique supercars in Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod. Instead, the terrain is rugged, with offroad vehicles equipped with powerful engines. Players will control their car in a dangerous terrain race. Overcome steep slopes, swamps, and mudflats to reach the finish line. Unlike road racing, it is possible to unleash the throttle for crazy acceleration. Now, you need to observe the terrain and find a way to move to the destination. Because, despite being guided by the system, sometimes you will have difficulties. For example, there are high slopes and difficult terrain that makes the car’s engine not strong enough to operate. Instead of going directly up there, you need to find a new route to make it easier to move. But still, have to make sure to go in the right direction of the instructions,Game Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s Mod

Multiplayer mode, note the time

Join the Multiplayer mode of Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod. You enter the offroad track with up to 8 players. Along with a map that covers an area of ​​16 miles. Here you and other online racers can open up a challenging solo. Or they can work together to overcome difficult terrain. At the same time explore the lands and natural beauty where wild mountains and forests. However, time is a factor you need to keep in mind during the experience. There are many different moving paths to the destination. Even each rider will go their own way, but they all aim for the final destination. After crossing the finish line, the system will rely on each person’s finishing time to arrange the order. The person to the finish line with the shortest time will win the offroad race.Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s Mod

More than 500 challenges

Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod is a detailed simulation game of off-road driving. With more than 500 challenges that you need to face in an offroad race. From craggy mountain roads, undulating slopes, to vast rivers, lakes, and natural swamps. You even have the chance to explore sunken oil tankers or high-altitude observatories. Facing so many challenges, your driving skills must be professional. Skillfully avoid ancient tree stumps, overcome towering mountains. Observe closely, avoid plunging into the lake. Choose an easy path, gain momentum from afar to overcome steep slopes. Or slow down the car, brake when the car is going downhill. Avoid losing control, causing an accident, or even rolling over.Download Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s Mod

Lots of unique offroad vehicles

Owning a diverse system of offroad vehicles with many familiar models. Typical is the classic Jeep 4×4, special truck, ATV, UTC, and many other off-road vehicles. Each vehicle in Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod is equipped with a powerful engine. Specialized to be used for offroad and take away the figure. However, each car has its own specifications and performance. As well as the amount to unlock the car corresponding to the vehicle’s specifications. Vehicles with strong performance, with better parameters, will cost more. You can accumulate bonuses from previous races, buy yourself a favorite offroad vehicle.Tai Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s Mod

Besides owning a favorite car, players can upgrade to increase the vehicle’s performance. Go to the garage of Offroad PRO – Clash of 4x4s Mod you can start the upgrade process. Customize the shock absorber, change the suspension, equip with specialized offroad tires. Install more lights, braces, and brackets on the roof, giving the car an impressive appearance. In particular, you can upgrade the car’s engine to increase power during offroad. Cross the slopes with ease and unhindered by hilly terrain.

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