Noah’s Heart APK 1.2
Noah’s Heart APK 1.2

Noah’s Heart APK 1.2

By thetoan - March 13, 2022
Name Noah's Heart
Version 1.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 2,7M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Archosaur Games
Update March 13, 2022 (4 months ago )

Noah’s Heart Mod will be the next generation MMORPG on mobile. It is expected to become the perfect replacement for famous adventure RPGs like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3. Here, you will have eye-catching adventures in the huge open 3D world. You can choose your profession and join the journey to build and develop the magical land of Noah. Besides, the warriors of Noah will never be alone because there are always reliable friends around. You can team up with other talented characters to complete quests, develop your character, and uncover a mysterious storyline. A lot has been carefully crafted and integrated into your itinerary, so don’t miss them.

Download Noah’s Heart Mod – MMORPG with Unreal 4 engine graphics

It is not natural that Noah’s Heart is expected so much to replace the “big brothers” in the mobile adventure RPG genre. It possesses outstanding advantages from the content, characters, and especially the graphic platform. This game will bring you a fascinating adventure experience in the open world built using the Unreal 4 engine, the most advanced graphics technology available today.

This technology plays an important role in shaping and moving characters, building game scenes, scenes, and effects series in the gamer’s experience. Thanks to that, everything in the game is very realistic and magical, bringing a sense of adventure that is both honest and new, and modern. Besides graphics, this game also focuses quite deeply on content. The game plot is complete, diverse, and deep, skillfully integrated into each character and each scene. As a result, gamers can find an experience that is both beautiful on the outside and profound on the inside. That’s why we want to introduce that experience to you today.


Choose your character and customize the look

The first impression when entering the experience of Noah’s Heart is the super detailed character customization system. You can choose your character as a male or female, give it a name, then enjoy customizations from hairstyle to face style, eyebrow style, eye style, lips, and outfit, accessories … It’s really diverse for you to find the style you like or freely create many different styles for the character. That’s the first plus.

After customizing the character, you will enter a short but well-organized intro. You will meet a girl who acts as a guide throughout your journey. She will give you basic information about the game world, about your role and duties. Thanks to that, you can approach the game more easily without being confused when participating in the super large open world of Noah’s Heart Mod.


Endless adventures

Coming to the planet Noah, you will be overwhelmed by its magical and rich beauty. Here, everyone has an important role, from warriors to farmers or crafters, builders… And more especially, you can choose your own profession and enjoy the unique developments in the chosen career direction. Each profession will have a different impact and you need to know how to interact with members of different professions to enrich your experience. For example, you choose to be a warrior, you also have to cooperate with farmers or manufacturers to earn food and upgrade weapons. So anyone can be a part of your journey, making for an interesting bond that opens up many different directions of adventure.

But the most interesting and attractive point in Noah’s Heart is the battles with dark monsters. You will fight solo or team up with other characters in the game to participate and conquer magical wars. By fighting monsters, you will discover new sources of power to upgrade your character. You have full control over the movements from moving, attacking, defending… So the fights always happen naturally and liberally, combined with the very lively combat effects.


Excellent graphics, eye-catching sound

As mentioned at the beginning, Noah’s Heart will not let you down with its top-notch graphics quality. It was built with a large and beautiful backdrop, creating a majestic open space to explore for a long time. Besides, the character system is designed with anime style, creating a friendly feeling every time you play. In particular, the combat effects and sound are very lively, contributing significantly to the attraction of each movement in the game.

Noah’s Heart Mod will be a great choice for gamers who love the MMORPG genre. It offers a free-spirited experience where you can decide everything from choosing your character, choosing your career, weapon, and adventure direction. You will meet many different characters and adventure through many beautiful locations. And of course, there are always fascinating things waiting for you to discover, which are battles with monsters, powers, secrets, and more.

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