Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod APK 0.29 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod APK 0.29 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod APK 0.29 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - November 25, 2021
Name Nextgen: Truck Simulator
Version 0.29
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Size 82MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Tassimov Games
Update November 25, 2021 (5 days ago )

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod is a game for driving lovers. Requires the experience of a driver to handle traffic situations on the road. With difficult related challenges on the topic of driving. Along with interesting tasks to perform. With levels of play taking place in many different locations. Join the simulation game of Tassimov Games. Your task is to manage business operations. With the goal of making a lot of money to build a company of their own. Even more interesting, when you can experience the game in online mode. Use the Internet to be able to drive online, meet other players. As well as performing online missions around the theme of driving. A lot of interesting things in a realistic simulation space are waiting for you to explore.

Download Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod – Driving Simulator Game In Open Space

The console of the game Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod. Designed as a joystick. Make it easy for players to drive, through touching on the screen. Here, the system provides all the necessary features of a car. Includes brake pedal, accelerator, handbrake, automatic gearshift lever, lights, left and right turn navigation keys. All features are designed according to their respective icons. Integrated minimap, showing the surrounding environment. Along with the display of the vehicle’s speed and fuel. In addition, you can change the view of the car during the game. Use the first-person perspective to observe the surroundings from the driver’s seat. Or change the third-person perspective to see the full movement of the vehicle from behind. Via the camcorder icon on the screen.Game Nextgen Truck Simulator Mod

Lots of vehicles

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod owns a diverse vehicle system. It can be mentioned a number of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, trucks. off-road vehicle. Or heavy trucks such as tractors, petrol tankers. Even military vehicles like armored tanks appear in the game. Each type of vehicle is simulated extremely realistically. With very impressive designs and colors. The difference between vehicles is not only in style but also in performance. Shown by the specifications. Including top speed, torque, drivetrain, weight, and braking system. Larger vehicles are usually heavier. Along with the amount to unlock corresponding to the type of vehicle and the performance of each vehicle.Tai Nextgen Truck Simulator Mod

Quest System

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod’s mission system takes place at each level. Including day-to-day tasks, freight shipping tasks. Mining quests, resource selling quests, balancing quests. And there are many other interesting tasks waiting for you to perform. Each mission revolves around the theme of driving, taking place in many different locations. Completing each challenge in turn, you will continue to step into the new task. Each level will have its own requirements, which you need to fulfill to complete. Then the system will unlock new levels for you to join. At first, you will have to complete the daily quest. With activities revolving around getting used to driving a car. As well as parking the car exactly at the designated locations. This mission will help you improve your control skills for more agile driving.Download Nextgen Truck Simulator Mod

Skills, completion time

During the implementation of the missions of Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod. Players need to have driving skills and experience. Observe the situation of the road and the vehicles ahead. Obey traffic laws on all roads. Try not to cause an accident or collision with other traffic. Drive flexibly on the road to move to the required locations. Complete missions with excellent achievements. At the same time will receive a bonus. The achievement of each mission is based on various factors. Completion time is one of the main factors determining achievement.Nextgen Truck Simulator Mod APK

Coming to Nextgen: Truck Simulator Mod you will discover many different locations. The harbor area, the ice area, the town… and more. Each location has its own challenges. Different terrain and extreme weather conditions. Everything is simulated in great detail. Thanks to 3D graphics with sharp image quality. Built-in 360-degree camera feature, helping you to observe any position around the car. Incorporating realistic sound quality. Shown through the sound of the car’s engine or when it collides on the road. This helps you feel more real. As well as increasing the fun during the game.

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