Need for Speed: No Limits Mod APK 5.6.2 (Unlimited Nitro (AI)/No Damage)
Need for Speed: No Limits Mod APK 5.6.2 (Unlimited Nitro (AI)/No Damage)

Need for Speed: No Limits Mod APK 5.6.2 (Unlimited Nitro (AI)/No Damage)

By CBCC - November 4, 2021
Name Need for Speed™ No Limits
Version 5.6.2
MOD Features Unlimited Nitro (AI)/No Damage
Size 64MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Update November 4, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Dominate the underworld in illegal races in Need for Speed: No Limits Mod. Players become professional racers, operating supercars in dramatic races. Reach speeds of several hundred kilometers an hour, perform drift skills when entering bends. Compete with the rest of the opponents, causing them to inhale the dust from behind. Control the racing car well, move safely on the road. Overcome all opponents to reach the finish line with the top position. Win against the remaining opponents and continue to enter the next races. The game belongs to the racing game genre, helping you immerse yourself in the dramatic race tracks, no less suspenseful. With the goal of winning on every track to take control of the underworld.

Download Need for Speed: No Limits Mod – The Race For Underworld Domination

Choose a car and enter the race in Need for Speed: No Limits Mod. Your opponents are tycoons from different areas of the city. During the race, skill is one of the most important factors determining victory or defeat. Not only focusing on racing, but you can also attack your opponent by inserting their card into the curb. Or make the opponent lose control by rushing directly into their car. Taking advantage of that opportunity, you quickly overtake your opponent to reach the finish line in the shortest time. However, you are not the only one who can attack. Your opponents also have tricks and tricks to hinder you. They not only pinch, but also take advantage of the terrain to cause your car to crash.Download Need for Speed ​​No Limits Mod

Use Nitro for maximum acceleration

During the race of Need for Speed: No Limits Mod. You can use Nitro to speed up and overtake your opponents quickly. However, each use of Nitro will have a certain time. Depends on the energy of your existing Nitro bar. Using it effectively can help you win. For example, when you are close to the finish line, using Nitro will help you reach your maximum speed. From there, it will overcome the leading opponents and rise to the top position. Win spectacularly. Over time, after using, Nitro will regenerate itself. Or you can perform skills to quickly recover Nitro. Perform aerial stunts by walking on the board that appears on the road. Or drift when entering a curve at high speed.Game Need for Speed ​​No Limits Mod

Rich racing car collection

Need for Speed: No Limits Mod provides a diverse collection of racing cars, from many famous racing brands. All are inspired by actual supercars with familiar names. Typically Lamborghini, Pagani, Hennessey, Bugatti, McLaren, and many other supercars. Each racing car is designed to look impressive with realistic colors and shapes. Especially when it comes to incredibly powerful performance. Possessing different speeds, rpm, and performance. Besides, you need to use the money to unlock. Accumulate bonuses from previous races, choose for yourself a desired racing car. Then unlock and participate in the next races. This gives you the excitement of driving your favorite car.Tai Need for Speed ​​No Limits Mod

Lots of interesting racing tracks

The map in Need for Speed: No Limits Mod is one of the factors that attract players. Each map is realistically designed using sharp 3D graphics. The surroundings are reproduced extremely realistically. With lots of maps of different locations for you to explore. Cross the tracks in the night under the lights of the magnificent city. Go through vast forests, surrounded by natural ecosystems. Or the dramatic race track in the desert, with its brilliant golden sands. Each map brings you an interesting experience. However, no matter which map you join, your mission is to compete with your opponent. At the same time must win with the leading position.Need for Speed ​​No Limits Mod

The race in Need for Speed: No Limits Mod is more intense than ever. The environment around you greatly affects your race. Especially when participating in the race at night, the lights shine on the road. Visibility is limited, making it very easy to take the wrong road or rush into the median. Obstacles appear in many different locations. You need to skillfully dodge or rush directly to pass. Not only that, but police posts appear at various locations on the track. If you don’t look closely, you will probably rush into those latches. This will give opponents a quick pass, causing you to lose when you finish last.

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