My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod APK 1.32.4 (VIP Unlocked)
My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod APK 1.32.4 (VIP Unlocked)

My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod APK 1.32.4 (VIP Unlocked)

By CMB - January 5, 2022
Name My Town Discovery Pretend Play
Version 1.32.4
MOD Features Unlock VIP
Size 44MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Update January 5, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

A dream city with lots of interesting and unique things is something that everyone wants to experience. When coming to My Town Discovery Pretend Play players will be discovered. In particular, it is also possible to manually build and create many works in the city. In a large space, making them more vibrant and beautiful is a strenuous process. To do that, you must first have a lot of money. Start your business in small roadside shops. Then accumulate gradually and build the first project. You need to have a detailed sketch before you act. Because small negligence will waste the money that you have spent initially, cannot be recovered. Don’t be afraid to come up with lots of ideas and implement them. Because knowing their heads will be more successful than waiting. After building big projects. Let’s start making huge profits from them. Make a business plan for each location. For example Park, children’s play areas, restaurants or fashion stores, etc. Buy beautiful and unique items at the system’s shop to retrofit. Attract people to experience and visit.

Download My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod – Create a unique and interesting city

After opening the works in the city. Players can rearrange them so that they are harmonious and suitable for each location. Restaurants cannot be too close to each other because it will cause imbalance. Schools and music studios must be kept far away so as not to cause noise to students. In addition, it is also possible to create more effects for the works to make them unique and attract more people. Making people happy is your main goal. My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod also has countless museums for you to explore and buy them as decorations. Or buy antiques and display them in buildings, when customers come will have to buy tickets to see them. It is also an effective way of doing business. The map system of the game is quite diverse. So after having done everything in this city. You can move to another location to start mining and building. Use your creativity to the fullest. Design very new and unique lands. It will be great and interesting when each place brings a different style for its customers to explore and experience.

My Town Discovery Pretend Play mod

Profit from the business

Creating the perfect city is no easy feat. But you just need to try and try to overcome the initial difficulties. In the future, you will surely reap the rewards. Having a full range of works is not enough, but you also have to rely on it to make a reasonable business plan. Get your initial capital back and gain a huge amount of interest. However, players can also earn money from participating in events organized by the system or minigames according to daily tasks. Gradually accumulate and buy more building materials that you want to further improve the city. Don’t be afraid to set big goals because that’s the only way to achieve success in the fastest way.

My Town Discovery Pretend Play mod apk

Unique museum

The museum is a place to display rare objects. And it can be said that this is the place to make the most money out of your shops or amusement parks. In the collection of My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod, there will be many antique objects for you to choose from. The older they are, the higher their value will be. Players can acquire antiques through rewards from events, minigames, or money purchases. This is something you can keep forever and still make a profit from your visitors. From there, there will be more stable income and more opportunities to invest in other locations.

Game My Town Discovery Pretend Play mod

NCP’s appearance

It would be great if I could change the appearance of all the people in the city to my liking. Each location corresponds to different costumes. For example, going to big events need to dress elegantly and gorgeously. Other recreational activities can be dressed in more comfortable clothing. Or if you want your people to have a new and more unique style. Design your own concepts. This is where your creativity and talent shine. In addition, players can also open a fashion catwalk for their citizens.

Construction of works

Your city will be more perfect if it has all the necessary services for people to enjoy. For example Restaurants with lots of delicious food, fashion shops with unique styles or parks with thrilling games, etc. In modern society, there are many more places that need to be built. . Make sure that your citizens enjoy the best regimes with modern and high-class facilities. Accumulate a lot of money to explore and build the next cities on the map. All at your fingertips.

My Town Discovery Pretend Play game mod apk

Building the most amazing city is your mission in My Town Discovery Pretend Play. Overcome all difficulties and challenges to bring yourself the expected results. Earn interest from business to huge numbers. Use your wits and creative talents to make everything unique and magical. Download My Town Discovery Pretend Play Mod to create your own city, owning a huge amount of property. Make your people happy and satisfied.

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