My Home – Design Dreams Mod APK 1.0.483 (Unlimited money)
My Home – Design Dreams Mod APK 1.0.483 (Unlimited money)

My Home – Design Dreams Mod APK 1.0.483 (Unlimited money)

By CMB - May 8, 2022
Name My Home Design Dreams
Version 1.0.483
MOD Features Unlimited money
Size 162MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Casual
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher ZenLife Games
Update May 8, 2022 (3 months ago )
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If you want to design your own home yourself, come to My Home – Design Dreams. A place where you can unleash your creativity and express your passion. It feels great to create a home according to your own preferences. From the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc… everything is up to you to decide. Let’s explore and create unique houses with the characters in the game. Or you can also create a garden full of flowers for relaxation and entertainment purposes. With colorful and clear graphics, making players feel the vivid images like real houses. The publisher does not set any limits so that players can do everything they want. The context in the game is designed to be close, arouse passion in each person. Make them want to explore and make that dream come true.

Download My Home – Design Dreams Mod – build your home

When you come to My Home – Design Dreams, you will be a real designer. Every detail in the house is created by yourself. Make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Players can design the house in their own style, with just a few steps to get the desired result. . In My Home – Design Dreams you will transform into a girl who starts to build a design career. After completing the interior of his first house, then he will start to work in the city. Here you will see more houses of all shapes and sizes that require you to design beautiful and in accordance with the requirements of your customers. Earn profit for yourself to have money to buy many decorative items. Players can also participate in events, interact with friends. Refer to the houses of friends designed. From there you can learn,

My Home Design Dreams MOD

How to play the game

When entering the room, you just need to click on the item you want to decorate. The system will offer different styles of items so that players can choose the style they want. If you want the house to be more complete, you can use the money to buy more items to decorate them. Money will be earned when you complete the tasks given by the system. The better the completion of the customer’s requirements, the higher the bonus. In addition, if you want to earn extra income, you can play mini-games in the game. Although not too much, it also helps you to earn money in case of an emergency. Participate in design tournaments to bring home many attractive rewards, buy more advanced items for your home.

My Home Design Dreams MOD APK

Chat with characters

If you feel bored, players can create a meeting room, talk, exchange with friends. You will also get to tour the houses and each room they design. Let’s talk together and admire the beautiful houses, feel the colorful life. You can also go with your friends to shop for items for the rooms in the house. Exchange experiences to help players have a unique look and more diverse designs. These interesting features will help players feel the multi-color in life. In fact, like in the game, passion is always the thread that connects people together.

Various effects and images

Publisher ZenLife Games meticulously elaborates every little detail. The flowers, the knife, and the chandeliers, etc… are all distinctive and clear. All scenes in the game are designed with 3D graphics. Make players feel the realism like real houses. The colors in the game blend together to create beautiful and vivid landscapes. These things make players want to explore even more the colorful and vivid world in My Home – Design Dreams.

Realistic and diverse sound

In My Home – Design Dreams, each different situation will have suitable background music. When you start designing, the game will give you soft background music so you can relax, relax, and focus on work. When participating in tournaments, the background music is vibrant, cheering for players to be able to win. Stimulate excitement in each person to achieve the highest results.

If you are really passionate about design, come to My Home – Design Dream. Decorate your home more brilliant and comfortable than ever. Not only that, but you can also design it yourself for your customers. From ancient to modern houses, furniture for a fashion store, or a high-class restaurant, etc… All are made by your own hands. Download My Home – Design Dreams to make your dreams come true.

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