Monster Tales Mod APK 0.4.100 (Menu, Damage, God Mode)
Monster Tales Mod APK 0.4.100 (Menu, Damage, God Mode)

Monster Tales Mod APK 0.4.100 (Menu, Damage, God Mode)

By CBCC - July 28, 2022
Name Monster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle
Version 0.4.100
MOD Features Menu, Damage, God Mode
Size 158MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Tangelo Games Corp
Genre ,
Update July 28, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Monster Tales Mod belongs to the genre of puzzle games. Is a perfect combination of match-3 puzzle game genre and action RPG. The game takes you into a mystical world. Unleash the battle between monsters and dragons. Here, your task is to assemble a team of beasts according to the elements. Engage in competitive wars with monsters. Simultaneously collect dragon eggs for breeding. Nurture them to create powerful 5-star beasts. Hundreds of levels play in increasing difficulty. Along with that is the match-3 puzzle-style battles. You will have to lead the beasts to defeat the monsters to complete the mission. Even more interesting, you can also compete with other online players. Through 1vs1 PvP online mode.

Download Monster Tales Mod – Match-3 Puzzle Game Combined with Combat Action

The battles of Monster Tales Mod take place in a match-3 puzzle style. You can assemble a team of up to 5 beasts to join the battle. Perform quests to combine elements to attack monsters. By matching 3 or more similar elements. Here, there are 5 different types of elements for you to combine in battles. Each element is represented by a unique symbol. Includes flames, drops of water, lightning, wind, and leaves. With turn-based gameplay. Your team’s beasts and monsters will attack each turn. In battle, each beast represents an element. Depending on which element is paired, the beasts corresponding to that element will attack the monster. For example, you can match the element of fire. The beast that represents the fire element will attack the monsters with their power.Tai Monster Tales Mod

Boss battle in the final stage

Each battle of Monster Tales Mod is divided into several different stages. Each stage is a match-3 puzzle war. Combine each element, in turn, each time it is your turn. Pass each stage to enter the final battle. This is the hardest challenge you have to face. Not just fighting ordinary monsters. There was also the appearance of a boss monster. Boss possesses much superior combat power. The boss’s damage ability is greater. Can cause beasts to lose a lot of health in one turn. Not only that, the boss has a very large health index, along with strong defense. Can withstand multiple attacks from beasts. After defeating the boss, the battle will end, and you will complete the quest. It is possible to continue participating in the wars at new levels of the game.Download Monster Tales Mod

More than 120 mystical creatures

More than 120 mystical creatures are provided by Monster Tales Mod. There are all kinds of monsters, dragons, beasts, and more. Types of organisms are divided into 5 different elements. Includes the elements of fire, water, wind, thunder, and earth. Each type of creature has its own skills, which means their fighting power is not the same. What’s more, you can easily identify each type of creature by elements. Through their characteristic colors. For example, a creature carrying the element of fire usually has a red appearance. Or creatures that carry the element of water, usually blue. Go through the battles, combined with your nurturing ability. It is possible to evolve creatures to increase their combat ability.Game Monster Tales Mod

Classic RPG and online mode

Coming to Monster Tales Mod you will be involved in two different game modes. Includes classic RPG mode and PvP online mode. Each mode opens up match-3 puzzle wars with its own gameplay. The classic RPG mode, divided into different levels. Each level takes place in many stages, along with the appearance of a boss. At the same time, each level can achieve a maximum of 3 stars. In addition, enter PvP online mode. You will have to compete with other players. Show off the power of your monster team and your opponent’s team. Through match-3 puzzle skill and monster’s attack ability. Defeat the opposing team creatures to win. In online game mode, in addition to battles with other players. You can also challenge your friends to join.Monster Tales Mod

The reward system of Monster Tales Mod is extremely rich. Through battles, you will receive experience points, energy, food, and purple stones. Not stopping there, every day log in the game. You also get a mysterious chest. After unlocking will have the opportunity to earn many valuable rewards. Especially food, it is possible to use them to nourish and develop monsters. Help them increase their combat ability, can attack with greater damage.

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