Modern Strike Online Mod APK 1.50.0 (Unlimited Ammo)
Modern Strike Online Mod APK 1.50.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

Modern Strike Online Mod APK 1.50.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

By CBCC - March 19, 2022
Name Modern Strike Online: Shooting
Version 1.50.0
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
Size 706MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Update March 19, 2022 (2 months ago )

Are you a lover of shooting games and there is no game that makes you satisfied and satisfied? So now Modern Strike Online Mod is a wise choice for you. The game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited is launched on two main platforms, iOS and Android. Will not let you down, let you drop yourself into gun battles with teammates. Because it’s a late shooter, with a lot of games of the same genre that have been created before. Although still following the old gameplay, the basic errors have been completely fixed, the effects on the matches have also been improved a lot. For players to feel the most realistic, see the fierceness that the battles in the game bring. There is always sacrifice, cruelty, fighting to have a chance to survive and bring victory to the team.

Download Modern Strike Online Mod – Join Fierce Battles

Try playing Modern Strike Online Mod now to participate in the never-ending shooting battles. Choose for yourself a suitable character, equip weapons, go into battles with many opponents. There are up to 7 fighting genres for you to choose from. Although each genre has a different way of fighting, the ultimate goal is always to win. Get a high score by killing all enemies, becoming the last one standing. Participating in a war can be sacrificed, even exchanging lives. Every action in the game needs to be explored to find a way to destroy concentration and still be safe for yourself to act. It is essential to identify that target, to avoid running miscellaneous, so it is easy to be killed. With the team fighting genre, you must know how to cooperate with each other, Only then can victory be guaranteed. Use your best, with every fight, can become a winner.Modern Strike Online Mod

Custom Matches

In addition to the matches with different battle modes, there are presets for players to challenge themselves. Then Modern Strike Online Mod can also create a game for yourself, the genre, or the rules are all decided by you. Choose an arbitrary map, which you’ve played a lot, are familiar with the texture of the path. Then you can invite friends to play together to fight, compare the level to see who has the best shooting skills. You can also practice more, train yourself with each map of each genre. For your own ability to be enhanced, to be able to win in real combat battles.Tai Modern Strike Online Mod

Unique Armory

Modern Strike Online Mod has up to 50 different weapons, optional for players to choose from, to enjoy the battles. With all kinds of different types, not only guns but also knives, melee weapons, grenades. Only guns have been divided into many different types. Each item has used with its own advantage, just know how to take advantage of it, the player will get an advantage in the fights. These weapons are also designed with Skins, changing the appearance, increasing the beauty. Each gun will have its own shape and decoration, although it does not increase power. But the effect gives, highlighting you should be on the battlefield.Game Modern Strike Online Mod

Character Equipment

Like many other FPS-style shooters, there is not only one character, but Modern Strike Online Mod has up to 5 people. Each person has a different appearance and costume. Help players can switch back and forth, to increase attractiveness. But not only that, but this game also has an additional equipment system, the items worn on the character. They all bring a certain feature that helps in battles. They can also be upgraded, to increase character attributes, such as armor and helmets that increase defense. Gloves or shoes help the character to operate flexibly, speeding up movement to easily ambush the enemy in combat. Winning the wars will increase the level, the character will also develop. And there are points to upgrade for equipment.Download Modern Strike Online Mod

One more point for you to trust, join this 3D shooter right away. It’s a Modern Strike Online Mod with the feature of Unlimited Ammo Mod. Make your gunfights easier to win. As you know, the damage of guns is very strong, especially close-range guns. Only one bullet can get a life, so if you only need a little difference, you can win or be killed. If your bullets are not used up anymore, it is a huge advantage, increasing your enemy kill rate a lot.

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