Modern Ops Mod APK 7.63 (Menu, No Recoil, Aim, Map)
Modern Ops Mod APK 7.63 (Menu, No Recoil, Aim, Map)

Modern Ops Mod APK 7.63 (Menu, No Recoil, Aim, Map)

By CBCC - May 9, 2022
Name Modern Ops - Gun Shooting Games FPS
Version 7.63
MOD Features Menu, No Recoil, Aim, Map
Size 515MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Edkon Games GmbH
Update May 9, 2022 (3 weeks ago )

Modern Ops Mod belongs to the action game. Developed with the ultimate FPS shooting gameplay. Takes you into fierce online battles. Compete directly with other powerful shooters. They are online players from many countries around the world. Experience shooting and fighting in fierce environments. Your mission is to destroy each opponent in the battle. Take them down with lead bullets. Make enemies die before your deadly gun. Here, you can experience the game in the style of anti-terrorism. Designed in a modern style, bringing you to the vast battlefield. Discover and enjoy the feeling of victory when completing tasks successfully.

Download Modern Ops Mod – Dramatic Online Shooting War

The gameplay of Modern Ops Mod is played in real-time. On a large battlefield, you can freely move, perform a variety of actions. Use guns to make combat tools. Move across the battlefield to find and destroy enemies. Use your shooting skills to shoot the target accurately. Fire bullets, causing the enemy to die. Simultaneously work with teammates to create an effective strategy. Each enemy killed, your faction’s score will be increased. The more enemies you kill, the higher your score will be. The battle lasted until the end of time. The faction that achieves the higher score, the more points will win. Those who participate in the war will receive bonuses and trophies.Game Modern Ops Mod

Resurrection after being defeated, personal skill

Each battle of Modern Ops Mod is divided into 2 teams. Can accommodate up to 10 players. During the battle, every time you or another player is knocked down. After a certain time will be revived at the original location. Besides fighting with teammates in a strategy. Individual skill is the main factor that helps you, as well as your team, win. Not only focus on fighting, but you also need to learn how to defend yourself when in danger. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain, hiding in safe locations. For example, hiding behind walls, wooden crates. Or something that could serve as cannon fodder. From there, it will avoid the rushing attacks of the enemy. Using personal skills one can counterattack quickly by throwing grenades. Then quickly fire the bullets accurately.Modern Ops Mod

Fight with friends, ranked mode

This is an online shooting game. Therefore, you can invite your friends to join the battle to become teammates. Fight together in fierce battles. Destroy all enemies on the battlefield to win. In particular, Modern Ops Mod takes you to extremely intense ranked battles. Here, your opponents are all professional shooters. Experienced in strategic shooting battles. If you want to win, you have no choice but to improve your shooting skills. Combine the ability to observe, move flexibly and use secondary weapons appropriately. Defeat each opponent in turn, you will be promoted to higher leagues. Have the opportunity to stand in the ranking of the most professional shooters.Download Modern Ops Mod

Various Weapons

Modern Ops Mod’s weapon system is divided into many different types of guns. Includes AK guns, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles. Each gun has a lot of guns to choose from such as AK-47, Famas F1, Sig Sg 550, Step TMP, Fn P90, L86 LSW. And there are many other guns waiting for you to discover. Each type of gun is displayed in detail parameters such as rate of fire, number of bullets, damage, accuracy. However, if you want to equip yourself with a favorite gun. You must use the bonuses accumulated from previous battles. At the same time can upgrade guns to increase stats. Help you easily destroy the enemy in the battle.Modern Ops Mod

Besides equipping the main weapon for the character. Modern Ops Mod also allows you to equip secondary weapons, change faces and costumes. As for secondary weapons, you can bring grenades, blind bombs, and healing potions. Besides, there are many different costumes. For example, Mercenary, Swat, Assault, Clerk, etc. Or some faces like Balaclava, Hood, Bull Cap, Christmas ELF, etc. When equipped, not only helps the character change appearance. It also increases defense and health. Can withstand more damage when attacked by enemies. However, the same goes for weapons. You need to spend money to buy, and can also upgrade.

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