Mobile Legends: Adventure APK 1.1.267
Mobile Legends: Adventure APK 1.1.267

Mobile Legends: Adventure APK 1.1.267

By CBCC - May 27, 2022
Name Mobile Legends: Adventure
Version 1.1.267
Size 145MB
Requires Android 4.3
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Moonton
Update May 27, 2022 (1 month ago )

Mobile Legends: Adventure Mode is an attractive RPG role-playing game. Designed with top 3D graphics, vivid image quality. Combining vibrant battle sounds, giving you a sense of excitement during the experience. Enter a huge world, assemble a team of 5 warriors to fight. Your enemies are fearsome monsters, defeat them to complete the mission. After the success of its predecessor, the developer continues to bring players a new version. With improved features, characters and modes are designed to be extremely impressive. Not only that, you can join the Guide or the arena to meet other players. Be solo with them in battles or form alliances, fight bosses together.

Download Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod – Endless Battles Between Light and Darkness

The background of Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod opens in the Continent of Dawn. This place has thousands of years of history, is a land that contains many undiscovered secrets. Companion with hero Layla to start the journey. Search and recruit warriors to form a team. Join them in dramatic, suspenseful battles with dark monsters. At the same time, witness the cruel, never-ending battles between the alliance of Light and Darkness. Make the most of your abilities to harness the power of each warrior in battle. Overcome each challenge in turn to win. Become the most powerful heroes of the Land of Dawn.Mobile Legends Adventure Mod

Battle with enemies, options in battle

The battle of Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod game takes place in 5vs5 gameplay. Entering the battle, your team and the opponent team will fight continuously. Heroes constantly use special skills to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. The battle lasted until the forces of either team were completely defeated. The remaining faction will win and receive a lot of valuable items and bonuses. During the course of the match, you can choose from many different modes to enjoy the dramatic battle. Turn on Auto mode to follow the heroes’ battle. More specifically, you can admire the special power effects of each hero when the camera is turned on. At the same time, you can speed up the match faster to quickly end the battle.Game Mobile Legends Adventure Mod

A series of challenges, stronger enemies, boss fights

Coming to Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod you can participate in many fierce battles. Enter the campaign, the maze, the tower of Babel, and more. Each fight takes place in different fighting styles. At the same time, your enemies are also stronger than in previous battles. Enemy’s strength, equipment, and combat ability are increased. Makes you very hard to beat. Not only that, but you also have to face many different types of bosses. They possess great strength, the ability to withstand sustained damage. At the same time, it can create critical hits that can make your squad defeated.Download Mobile Legends Adventure Mod

Join the arena, create a Guide

In Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod you have the opportunity to meet other players online. Enter the arena to challenge them. Show your strength by sending your squad of heroes into battle. Defeat the entire force of the opponent to win the battle. Then receive countless attractive rewards and valuable items. Besides, you can join other players to form a Guide. Become friends, teammates. Also, participate in battles with Boss Guide. Fight together, show the power of heroes to defeat.

Hero system

Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod owns a diverse hero system. At the same time, the heroes in the game are divided into 7 different systems. Includes light, shadow, technology, elemental, martial arts, order, and chaos. Each hero is designed impressive appearance with unique costumes. Own your own strength and fighting skills. You can view detailed information about each hero in the game’s generals section. For example, some heroes can be mentioned: Tu Long, Lesley, Hylos, Alice, etc. Moreover, the rarity and strength index of each hero is shown by the number of stars, up to 5 stars. In particular, every time the hero reaches a new level, the power will be increased, the maximum level is 100.Tai Mobile Legends Adventure Mod

In the land of Dawn of Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod there are many different maps. Includes Time Portal, Labyrinth, Tower Of Babel, Tavern, and many more maps. Each map is a new land, taking you to many unique experiences. Uncover the mystery behind battles. At the same time, you have the opportunity to receive a lot of rare items. From there, it is possible to upgrade the strength of the heroes, helping them to increase their fighting ability in the next battles.

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